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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I feel that for sure. I really dont see him seeing the field still. Baring injury to JB and BH. Which honestly, is for the best in the pursuits of the post season. If were out the playoffs... I still think its more worth it to evaluate JB throughout the full season before moving into the offseason.   The bolded is the biggest area of agreement with us here.... At this point- I am just really curious to see what he does against REAL competition at this level... NOT PreSea comp...    Its getting harder for me to talk smack just because of that curiosity that is creeping in lol. Like you... Im interested to see if hes actually worth the spot on the 53... or if this circus has no purpose...
    • Yes.  If Ballard believes that he is worth a round one pick, he won't be the only GM that thinks so.  And if Love is worth a round one or round 2 pick, and because CB has been outed as being at Utah State games, every other GM will figure Ballard will take him with our mid first or Redskins second.  Then the bidding frenzy begins.  Ballard will have to figure on this too and will sort of have to bid against himself to move up to beat the teams who will be moving up ahead of the Colts.   That's how QBs get overdrafted.  Not saying that Love wouldn't be worth it though.
    • One more thing. For those saying Peyton wouldn’t say anything bad about the colts. He take a jab at Eric Ebron. It is the play that was designed for Nelson to catch a TD. He notices that Ebron side steps his block so Nelson would stay covered and force JB to throw to him. He totally calls him out. Hilarious 
    • ballard traded for jb, kept walker around a long time, signed kelly, i hope he can do better picking our next qb
    • I just recently watched ESPN detail with Peyton. He did an entire episode on Jacoby’s first game nonsense Texans. He is very complimentary of JB. He shows him going through the reads and playing with anticipation. He does critique him on some throws. Overall he likes JB. You can also see that in the game, with all his weapons and JB was fully healthy, he is playing with a lot of confidence.    Side note. If you haven’t watched this show. It is amazing to see Peyton truly break down a game plan. 
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