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Poor Perspective guys, we took our #3 and got Nelson and 3 2nd Round picks you are crazy if you don't think that is outstanding value.

Wow.  Last year CB picks an overrated safety, now this year an overrated G.  Ballard is worse than Grigson.

Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

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    • IMO the point where you had to have that conversation was last year. And it's now too... and it will be the point until long-term QB is addressed. Just... the moment you don't have a long-term QB is the moment you should start looking for one and not stop until you do have one. Now that doesn't mean that there shouldn't be some room for executive decisions and that's why I have not criticized Ballard for not taking a QB high last year.  Agreed. Again... I give some leeway to Ballard about his QB decisions, he likes whoever he likes and I would rather him draft any other position player that he likes, rather than a QB he doesn't like. But, with every passing FA/trade/draft window, the QB question will continue to become bigger and bigger. If we don't get our long-term QB this off-season it will be 3 years and drafts since Luck's retirement that he will be have the chance to address it. This is not ideal. We are threading water in the meantime. At some point unwillingness to take a shot over a long period of time becomes indecision and inability rather than patience. 
    • Agreed....   at some point.    Where there will be wide disagreement is...   when the point is?    We have a prominent poster who complained back in late November-early December that Ballard had yet to address fixing the long-term QB situation.   And he was exasperated over that.   I noted that Luck had only been retired for roughly 15 months and Ballard has had exactly one free agent window and one draft. That’s it.   I’m re-telling this story not to give that poster a hard time, but simply to say to others here, just be patient.  Hasn’t Ballard earned a high level of trust here?   I think so.   I trust that when Ballard finds a QB he likes, he’ll pull the trigger. 
    • Yeah it is expensive and I'm generally against trading up in the draft, and I'm much more a fan of trading down, but as I've said before there is one exception for that rule. It's the QB. Like with many things QBs tilt the conversation on its head. Just the value if you hit is SO BIG, that you have to do it if you get the chance(and you love the QB sitting there of course). There is practically no bad trade value if you trade up for a QB and he hits.    Also, about the hit rates of QBs. my opinion is that it's not just about the QB and his talent/drive/determination/work ethic. The environment, teammates, coaching, etc. play a big role in whether they succeed or fail. There are very few Andrew Lucks who will succeed no matter what garbage you throw at them(and he was thrown into one of the biggest piles of garbage in the league when it comes to GM-coach combo + the talent around him). For most QBs, even highly drafted, their talent needs to be guided and nurtured in the right direction. And in this line of thoughts - I think some of those QBs could have been successful in another environment and/or with a bit more luck(Darnold/Wentz), while others were probably doomed from the start because of their own failings(Rosen, Trubisky). And here is where I think we actually have somewhat of an advantage. I like our GM and our FO. I like our coach generally(even if I have some playcalling beefs with him). I like our roster and the foundations of our OLine. I think this situation gives better than average chance to a young QB to succeed. It's still no guarantee, but again... at some point you will have to make a move of some sort. We cannot keep rethreading the Rivers' of the world.  At some point Ballard will have to trust his evaluation of a QB he loves and just do what it takes to get him. 
    • Sorry, but no, our window is not closing.   Almost all of Ballard's top players are still on their rookie contracts.   This team is EARLY in it's window.    There is still great opportunity for the Colts.   Your viewpoint is a fan's viewpoint.    It is not the view of how an NFL front office person thinks.   There is still time.   Patience can be your friend.  
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