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Poor Perspective guys, we took our #3 and got Nelson and 3 2nd Round picks you are crazy if you don't think that is outstanding value.

Wow.  Last year CB picks an overrated safety, now this year an overrated G.  Ballard is worse than Grigson.

Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

2 minutes ago, SP_21 said:

I think it's awesome! Definitely better than just Roger up there


Also if it was Roger all the time, it would just be booing all the time

Plus, I loved seeing Addai

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5 minutes ago, New Zealands #1 Colts Fan said:

nice story about connor williams

That's my favorite story of Day 2 so far. The camera stayed on him, and how about that emotion? It must be a dream to be from Texas, play college football at UT, then get picked by the hometown Cowboys? You get to play professional football near your family and friends??


I wanted him here in Indy, but just saying... that must be a dream for Connor. Good for him.

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Just now, dgambill said:

I ain’t going to lie...never heard of him. Lol


The Vikes liked Turay a lot. We did the Colts Forum Mock Draft here. I selected him in the 3rd round for the Vikes.

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Turay has ability and potential,but I like to get starters in the first two rounds and I do not see him as a starter right away.


Hopefully Robert Mathis works with him extensively and he can be a pass rush specialist for us in year 1.

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9 minutes ago, NFLfan said:


The Vikes liked Turay a lot. We did the Colts Forum Mock Draft here. I selected him in the 3rd round for the Vikes.

Gotta admit...only Rutgers game I remember was against IU. We won like 40-0....I couldn’t imagine anyone on that defense NFL worthy.  Guess I was wrong lol.

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Kemoko seems like a boom or bust type of player. Time will tell how he works out but he has a lot of talent.


One for sure...Ballard is proving he is serious about building this team around the offensive and defensive lines. Some GMs say it but they don't follow through on it. Ballard is certainly following through with it.

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6 minutes ago, aaron11 said:

afraid thats his age.  his birthday is right before the season 


I don't think that it his really his age. He is also listed at 6'9 which I don't think is accurate.


There was a Darius Leonard who played college basketball at Wake Forest a few years ago. He is 6'9 and probably around 27. I think the internet is somehow getting that Darius Leonard mixed up with the Darius Leonard the Colts drafted.

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1 minute ago, Kirie89 said:


He is not that old. It’s a basketball player with the same name that’s 26.

Thanks....but if an unheard of basketball player is higher up in google then you...also a warning sign perhaps lol. Just kidding!

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17 minutes ago, aaron11 said:

leonard will be 27 when the season starts...


probably will be our will.  supposedly fast, but ran a disappointing 40 

There is no way Leonard is 27. That would have been talked about a lot more. 


And I'm not worried about his 40 time because he plays a lot faster, has good instincts, and makes tackles in the back field a lot more than other linebacker prospects do. 

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    • If you identify the guy in the draft, I'm all about going up for him. But if -- IF -- he turns out to be a foundational kind of QB, that's still a play that's more likely to benefit us in 2023 than in 2021. So we have to acknowledge that. (And that's on top of the possibility that he never quite hits as a franchise QB, which is statistically the more likely outcome with a drafted player.)   And a nitpick, 'going to the SB' isn't the only way to judge whether a veteran QB acquisition worked out well for the team that acquired him. The 2020 Colts are a specific example. There's no question that we were closer to contending with Rivers than we were with JB. Tannehill is working out well for the Titans, etc. Alex Smith was looking good for Washington before his injury (which had nothing to do with age; Teddy Bridgewater's career got derailed similarly).   The reason the list is so short is because historically, good QBs don't leave the team that drafted them, at least not until their old and/or broken (Manning, Favre, Warner, Brees, etc.) The idea of trading for a player like Stafford at 32, and having a reasonable expectation that he could play at a high level for another five years, isn't something that generally has happened a lot in the NFL.   I think it's interesting that you say a draft pick has a better chance of being a Josh Allen-level player. I think either we disagree on how good Allen is, or we disagree on how good Stafford is. As a passer, I think Allen still has some work to do to be as good as Stafford has already been. He has a bigger arm (obviously), and he does more with his legs, but Stafford is a really good passer, even dynamic, and he's no slouch with his movement ability.   I think trading up is more risky than we're acknowledging (collectively). Doesn't mean I'm against it, but when you're talking about risk/reward, even with the higher salary for Stafford, the risk is significantly lower to get him.     I don't think the Lions are in any hurry, nor should they be. 
    • Definitely my favorite game of the season.  Loved that Rivers came back twice from 14-pt deficits. That’s rare vs Green Bay.     Felt bad for MVS for fumbling in OT. Glad it didn’t mess up your #1 seed. 
    • Sorry back to Stafford. Hopefully either way it goes something comes out soon unofficially. Either coming here or going somewhere else.   Just put us at ease.
    • 2015 DEN: #9 in yds per game #4 in rush yds per game #10 in pass yds per game #3 in pts per game. #4 in QBR against #1 in sacks   A little better in 2015 than 2014.   2014 DEN: #8 in yds per game #5 in rush yds per game #9 in pass yds per game #7 in pts per game. #2 in QBR against #12 in sacks
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