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Poor Perspective guys, we took our #3 and got Nelson and 3 2nd Round picks you are crazy if you don't think that is outstanding value.

Wow.  Last year CB picks an overrated safety, now this year an overrated G.  Ballard is worse than Grigson.

Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

2 hours ago, John Waylon said:

I really hope Josh Rosen falls flat on his face. His little rant got under my skin. First of all, he just ripped off the things Peyton Manning said before he was drafted, only Peyton had the class not to do it publicly to get attention. 


Secondly, this little turd means to tell me he holds it against us for not drafting him? 


Kid, even if we did draft you there would be zero future for you here. Same goes for the 49ers, and Broncos. You’d ride the bench until your butt hurt with the Giants, so they at least half count as well. 


Get over yourself. 


I wasn't fond of Lamar's act either.

I felt sorry for him.

Not that he wasn't picked until 32, but that he was invited to the party, accepted, and sat there with expectations.

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9 hours ago, ColtsBlueFL said:

Name any top player in this draft, I'll show you a flaw/negative in his game/character... except one player. Nelson. Find me the negative on him, where is the flaw?  In addition, this guy is being compared to Alan Faneca (round 1 pick #26 in 1998,  or Steve Hutchinson (round 1 pick #17 in 2001). Also, how is the Cowboys Zack Martin (round 1 pick #16 in 2014) working out?  So why the top 10 designation (instead of round 1) ?? Is that so you can toss out the pitiful (for almost every position/player) 2013 draft busts?


Chill man, I would of liked Smith/Edmunds because I believed we would be in a situation like we are in day 2, where there is a lot of talented interior OL available. Like I said to the first guy that quoted me I hope I'm wrong and Nelson wears a gold jacket. I just am in the belief that there are positions that are top 10 because they don't survive later in the first round, therefore when you are top 10 you should draft one of those players. All those guys you named I think that's the range they should be drafted in the teens or twenties, because thats when you are getting great talent for the draft position.

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16 hours ago, pables21 said:

Here's a great in-depth review of Quenton Nelson as a prospect. What do you think?



For any of those who doubt that Nelson was a great pick needs to watch this. This explains why Nelson is NFL ready.

IMO it was imperative our first round pick was a day one starter. We didn't need a player who was a work in progress to be a NFL starter.

Tonight is where Ballard will have to really do the work as Nelson was a no brainer IMO.

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3 minutes ago, New Zealands #1 Colts Fan said:

im guessing rb or ol

Dude, we've got so many holes in the back 7 its pitiful, and that's not considering the fact our two starting safeties have either a reconstructed knee or a fused neck.

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3 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:



Corbett was one of the guys I wanted for my Vikes. I drafted him in the 2nd round in the Colts Forum Mock Draft. 


Oh well. Daniels is still there but he will go soon. 

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