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Hi, Colts fans!    NFL Draft night is finally here.   Our Indianapolis Colts and the 31 other NFL teams will start drafting players, and the drama begins,  in the 2018 NFL Draft from AT&T Stadium right after 8:00PM Eastern Time, and through Sunday afternoon.  Cleveland Browns are on the clock, launching the 2018 NFL Draft with their #1 overall pick, in light of their 0-16, 2017 NFL Regular Season Record.


This year the Colts own nine draft picks, with additional picks acquired earlier, when the Colts agreed to drop down from #3, to #6 overall with the New York Jets.  Immediate needs include a defensive lineman, linebacker, offensive lineman, and wide receiver.


We wish Jim Irsay, General Manager Chris Ballard, Head Coach Frank Reich, and the the Colts coaching, and college scouting scouts. do their strategy from their war room during the 2018 NFL Draft.













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Poor Perspective guys, we took our #3 and got Nelson and 3 2nd Round picks you are crazy if you don't think that is outstanding value.

Wow.  Last year CB picks an overrated safety, now this year an overrated G.  Ballard is worse than Grigson.

Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

9 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Great stuff! If the Browns don't take Darnold I would be shocked.


We should find out soon. I hope the Vikes trade back if we don't get Wynn. Good luck to the Colts! Should be a great two nights for you fans.

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1 minute ago, PrincetonTiger said:

Last ditch efforts by a scout or two plus give a team or two a chance to trade

I really find it hard to think they would have traded #1.  #4?  Yeah, but not #1.  Just my opinion, though

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