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The Colts will have their choice of all except Barkley & QB's

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The Browns will go with need and "best player available" in the first round.

The Giants must improve their offense.  They want Barkley first, and then a QB.



The Cleveland Browns must choose Barkley as the first pick in the 2018 draft.


The Giant's have a decision: a QB or trade down.  Only two teams can afford to trade up,

the Browns and the Broncos.  The Browns will be content with a QB at #4.  The Broncos 

may try to trade up, but the Giants will decide they have to take the #1 QB in the draft.


The NY Giants choose the #1 QB (and are happy)


The NY Jets choose the #2 QB (and are very happy)


The Cleveland Browns choose the #3 QB (it probably won't work out again)


Denver Broncos will trade down to the most QB hungry team


With the # 6 pick, the Indianapolis Colts can choose Chubb/Nelson/or anyone else you

believe is worth the #6 pick. 


Given the above, I would draft Chubb, and spend the next 4 picks on the OL and LB.  

After the draft, I would also pick up an available RB like Anderson, because he can put up

comparable numbers to Gore and has the effect of creating an extra 2, 3 or 4th round  draft pick.


Go Colts


















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The Browns have won 1 out of 32 games in two seasons.  They aren’t drafting a RB with the first pick.  Well maybe they do out of pure ineptitude.   Actually it would be ‘Browns-like” to do so.  No, even they can’t be that stupid.  


They were tied for 3rd best in the NFL at 4.5 yards a carry last season as a team.  Running the ball effectively wasn’t one of their 1,367 problems.  


On the the other hand, they haven’t had a QB since the team reformed in 99.  That’s a long time.  25 starting QBs in that time I believe.   They’re taking a QB.  

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Then I think we will draft Smith over Chubb and Nelson.  Next year is good for DTs (3 techs hopefully) and this year is the shake out year to see which DLs stay and which don't.  Meanwhile, we get our 3 down LB.


And don't forget what Polian said in passing about Chubb.  He's a "power" DE, not a speed guy.  We already have three power DEs on the roster and don't need a 4th.  IMO.

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