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    • I could absolutely be wrong. And I hope I am. I'm just not letting the sunshine blind me.   If we're talking about FA WRs that come in expected to be the #2 or #3, that's a very small sample size in Ballard's time with the Colts. And Grant is the comp.   We can agree to disagree.
    • ColtsBlueFlu...really liked your list. I hope the Colts take in the 2nd round.
    • If you're hitting above .500 in the draft you're doing very good.  Especially if you're not blowing it on first and second rounders.  Hooker is a very good safety, which was Ballard's first 1st round pick.  Wilson looks as though he is on his way to developing into our starting CB which was his first 2nd round pick.  We got 3 starters from our first 2 rounds last year (and 2 first team all-pros).   Ballard had a successful draft year 1 and a draft he knocked out of the park in year 2.  He's doing just fine.     Given Doyle's health concerns and the lack of depth after him and Ebron (I think Mo Alie-Cox can become a very good player, and I think Ross Travis/Gabe Holmes can be OK back-ups), I think you are right that we'll take a TE in this draft.  Reich likes to utilize the TE's, and we're in rough shape (IMO) right now if Ebron goes down.  Plus, we don't even know if Doyle will play football again.  He's out until at least training camp with a busted hip.  I hope he comes back, but those things are pretty unpredictable.     There's still quite a bit of free agency left before the draft.  The Colts are talking with Inman about extending him, and they are really the only ones who know how well Cain is progressing and what they expect him to look like come regular season.  If we resign Inman, along with Funchess and TY, that seems like a formidable top 3 WRs.  The front office also likely knows what they think to expect from Fountain, some of the P.S. guys last year and what they may expect from Marcus Johnson.     Not only has Doyle had a hard time staying healthy, the injury he has is one that is not an easy one to come back to full strength from.  Hip surgeries are getting better every year due to improved medical technology, but they are by no means something that every person recovers from, especially when their livelihood depends on making hard cuts, taking on 300+ pound players as a blocker, jumping, and being tackled.  They say he's making good progress, but they wouldn't tell us if the opposite was happening.... and he could be making good progress but take one bad shot to the hip and be done for good.   I think if we re-sign Inman that depth is more of a concern at TE than WR.  However, I really wouldn't mind us adding another WR to this team that has home-run power.  We saw how vulnerable our pass game became in the playoffs last year when TY was playing hurt and a step slow.  Now that we know Andrew has his arm back and are pretty confident that we can give him time to throw, this offense would be that much more dangerous.  We only had 5 or 6 games last year with a reception that went for over 40 yards (long 68), and I'm pretty sure not all of them were deep passes.  I know this offense is built a lot on timing, but it'd be really scary if they built a few plays in that let Andrew drop back and blow the roof off the defense.
    • Talent will only get you to the next level but everyone else in the NFL has talent!  You need to take it to the next level- commitment, desire, practice, study period and anything else that’ll do you good.  This can’t come from the coach nor the team captain, it comes from you!  It’s great that some of the players committed themselves to the game and hopefully with this commitment others will follow.  I/we hope to see a positive in our W/L record. Keep up the good work forum people and players!
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