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New Ballard quotes on Brissett

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32 minutes ago, Mel Kiper's Hair said:


None of us know for sure when Andrew will be back under center for the Colts so we definitely have to make sure we keep a quality backup QB. I think JB can be that guy for the Colts. I'm totally against moving JB until we've seen that Andrew Luck is back and a quality NFL QB again. Until then we need JB on this team.

Agreed! Honestly, I thought Ballard should have made a move earlier in getting us a QB and was lucky that trade for Jacoby presented itself. I don't want to be in that position again where we don't have a proper backup in place. I thought Jacoby based on the limited practice and learning time did an admirable job coming in. He may not be an elite qb or even a permanent starter in this league....but I do think he is a premier back up and would make a nice bridge qb for a team that might be drafting a young qb and need to sit them for a year. I don't think there is anything wrong in saying that is his ceiling....and right now he is the right fit for our needs at this particular time with Andrew.

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