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  1. 1. Who deserves ROTY

    • Donovan Mitchell
    • Ben Simmons
    • Kyle Kuzma
    • Jayson Tatum

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I don’t remember a rookie class with this much talent in a long time. Simmons and Mitchell would win it any other year, and Kuzma and Tatum would have a good shot any other year too. Who do you think deserves it? And I know it’s unfair for Simmons because he had a full year to develop in Philly’s system. 

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1 hour ago, Luck 4 president said:

Ya I agree. Find me another PG in the NBA who hasn’t made any 3s. I don’t think you can. 

Simmons definitely isn't a great shooter but he does pretty much everything else pretty well. That said I think Mitchell should win. Hes been dang good for a rookie.

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Tough one.  Simmons has been in the league for a year but never played due to injury, he put up amazing numbers but arguably wasn't even the best player on his team.  Mitchell is the best player on his team and willed the Jazz into the playoffs in the Western Conference.  They both deserve it, but Simmons won this award before the season started imo.  Co Rookie of the Years is what I vote? 

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