CJ Anderson To Be Released

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1 of the most underrated guys of this era imo. He had that infamous Pats game won that Ossweiler got all the credit for winning in more dramatic fashion that CJ would have had they just ran the ball. 

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If the Panthers don't change their philosophy about running the ball Cam Newton will end the days of CJ Anderson having great days as a runner.

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    • Cubs game time pushed back to 850pm due to Rain Delay. Brewers and Cards are currently 0-0 in the Bottom of the 1st. I would like to see the Cards win 2 of 3, that would give the Brewers 2 more losses and still give us breathing room from the Cards giving them 1 more loss.
    • I take it as a confidence that the new staff will help the offense be more effective, especially late in games. Not necessarily a knock against Pagano, but definitely a knock on the offensive staff.   Reich still has a lot to prove. I'm hopeful, but we'll see what he does.
    • How would you know this? Serious question not being sarcastic.
    • That is good news.  Recovery now much shorter/easier.
    • I don't think you'll be proven wrong Monday, or at any point this year. I think the defense will be pretty ragged this season, unless a really good pass rush and a 3 tech emerge.   As for the defense in the first preseason game, I disliked some of the alignments. A few times outside corners were 10+ yards off the line of scrimmage, which I hate. I hope we don't see much more of that, especially outside of 3rd and long. But the players in the secondary won't get many chances to make plays unless the front can get stops on early downs and get pressure in passing situations.    I don't have a problem with the scheme. It's not my favorite; I'd prefer a man based coverage philosophy, but zone has it's advantages. On the field, it's more effective at defending mobile QBs; for team building, it's less expensive. The key -- as it is with almost everything -- will be good drafting and good player development. Find good players, and help them succeed. If they don't do one or both of those well, it doesn't matter what scheme they run. But I don't think the scheme itself is flawed. It's had plenty of success, even in the modern NFL.
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