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6 - Quenton Nelson, OL, Notre Dame - The best player in the draft, Nelson will be one of the better guards in the NFL in his rookie season, and should only improve from there. A dominant, nasty run blocker who has good pass protection skills as well. 

36 - Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama - A really good linebacker in a class that’s stacked up top. Evans has a good blend of coverage and run stopping skills, and especially sets himself apart as a great blitzer. 

37 -  Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado - One of my favorite cornerbacks in this draft class. I think his combination of size (with his monstrous wingspan, he plays bigger than his height) and change of direction speed will allow him to be an effective starter in this league. I think he’ll fit our new defensive scheme well, additionally. 


49 - Josh Sweat, Edge, Florida St. - The most explosive, athletic edge rusher in the draft. He compares well to Vonn Miller athletically. Reportedly he’s a guy who really loves the game, too. He has a good skill set, and with proper coaching and scheme has a very high ceiling. 

67 - Ronald Jones II, RB, USC - The second best running back in this class in my opinion - although that isn’t the consensus view. If Alvin Kamara (who I really badly wanted us to get last year) could go in the early 3rd, maybe Ronald Jones can too. He has electrifying speed and a decent power element to his game as well. He can also be an asset receiving out of the backfield. 

104 - J’Mon Moore, WR, Missouri - A big receiver who (aside from a disappointing 40) really showed some great skills at the combine. He is very agile for a receiver of his size, and he has had outstanding production for Missouri over the past 2 year. 

140 - Andrew Brown, DL, Virginia - A defensive lineman who may fit our new scheme preferences. He will have a quickness advantage over most NFL guards, and had a nice showing at the senior bowl - particularly in the practices. 

178 - Darren Carrington II, WR, Utah - A talented wide receiver who has had a DUI in the past and a recent foot injury. We could take a flier on a more talented player like this late in the draft, as it seems as though at least some scouts think he’s more mature now than when he did what he did. He's got good deep threat potential, but he's not limited as just a deep threat target. He has good hands in particular. 

221 - Jordan Thomas, CB, Oklahoma - A good slot or nickel package kind of corner. Thomas has outstanding lateral quickness (he ran an insane 6.28 3 cone at the combine) and great ball skills. He lacks the long range speed to be a starter on the outside, and he’s not quite built enough that you’d love him out there either. He’s also a guy who has had character issues in the past - so I wouldn’t draft him any sooner than this. 


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I like this mock. Well thought out. Sweat will be an interesting guy to watch. I'd be just fine with him where you take him. Jones is one of those talented players who may or may not be there in the 3rd. But that is where I would focus for a RB. The WR situation will be one to watch. I do like TVturner's suggestion to swap in Callaway. He has character issues but is a major talent. Hopefully the Colts do their due diligence and find him worth the risk. But the Colts really need to find two talented receivers in this draft to growth with. And they likely won't come before later in the second day, at best. 

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Nelson will be there at 6 and the colts will not draft him.

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