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Who do you think will have the better career?

If your team needed a QB this draft....  

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  1. 1. Who would you prefer?

    • Mayfield
    • Allen

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Personally, I really like Mayfield and see nothing in Josh Allen to make me think he’s anything more than a massive bust. I believe Baker will have the best career out of all the QBs in the draft and would absolutely build a franchise around him. I know he’s got more of a Johnny Manziel personality type rather than an Andrew Luck, face of the franchise type of personality, but the dude is just sooooo much better than Manziel, and I don’t think he’s going to fall into the traps that Manziel did. 


Obviously, with both guys you’re going to need to get them in the right environment, and I hope they do. If Allen is number one off the board to Cleveland, they better sit him for the entire year and get him a new coach for 2019, otherwise he will go the way of many a Cleveland QB before him. I think he has the intangibles you want in a QB, but not the arm talent. He can throw a million yards but that doesn’t do you much good if you can’t hit your guy ten yards downfield. He needs a great QB coach to help him home his craft. 


Mayfield on on the other hand, has all the natural ability you want, but will need a strong locker room to keep him from doing stupid crap and being out of the league in three years. I would say Denver is a great spot for him to land, sit behind Keenum for a year or two, and take over the reigns. 


I’m not including the other three QBs in this poll because I wanted to make it solely for the two most contentious QBs that will be drafted early. I think Rosen will be better than Darnold, but they both have middling careers, never reaching elite status, and Jackson is too hard to project for me. He’s going to have to live by the Russ Wilson/Aaron Rodgers method of mobile QBs rather than the RG3 method. 


Bottom line is, Baker Mayfield is going to be a nasty QB for a while. 

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I'm not buying in on a vote of confidence for Mayfield but a complete lack of confidence in Allen.


I see so many things wrong with his resume that I can't believe that teams are gonna take a chance on him in the first.


Bad accuracy - If a QB hasn't learned to throw an accurate football after college then I just don't see them suddenly learning this skill.


Bad play against better teams - Great/good QB's should stand out when faced with tough opposition, taking the team on their shoulders.  Allen shriveled up.  When playing FBS teams his stats are horrible.  I watched him play against Iowa as an Iowa fan.  If you would have told me he was a first round draft pick QB I would have laughed.  Iowa's defense is pretty good for the college ranks but not elite.  It's certainly not nearly as good as an NFL defense.  Yet Allen struggled to complete a pass.  


Needs ALOT of development: They said he's less QB and more "skill set"  That tells me that Allen is going to need more development then any other QB drafted recently.  This guy is probably a 2 or 3 year project, at any point all of it could go south.


I'll be surprised if 5 years from now Allen even has a backup job in the NFL.  

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Allen is two fold for me.  Under the right system he can easily excel.  He went to the Senior Bowl and had to learn basics of a new system and he showed that he can do very well under some good direction.  Also, his footwork and some basic mechanics have been looked at as key issues with accuracy.  He has worked with Jordan Palmer and at his pro day everyone was saying he looked better.  I get it, it's a pro day, but improvement is what you are looking for from the time they leave the combine. 


Now the other side of Allen is the possibility of him being the next Blake Bortles.  Strong arm but little accuracy.  Now Bortles went to a system that allowed him to just float by with mediocrity and now he is getting under the lime light since the team has become strong, but he is in a very important spot.  So, Allen should hope for the Giants in all honesty.  They have a good person in place to help, and other than them, Elway probably sees he can mold Allen as well.


Mayfield to me will be a solid Russ Wilson type player who like many others, needs to go to the right scheme.  This being said, the whole Jonny Manziel stuff is far overblown imo.  He is cocky, but yet as a GM I would want my QB to come in with a little of that.  As far as the locker room, every teammate of his while at OK loved being around him.  The coach was not a huge fan from rumors but he is young and dealing with the big head QB.  Bottom line is both of these guys fit the typical mold of QB's that come out each year....they need the right scheme.  The wrong team or scheme drafts a QB and that hurts the career projectory for sure. 

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90% of people hate on Baker Mayfield because of his height and think he played in a weak conference. He has all the tools and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. I'll be rooting for Baker as long as he doesn't end up in the AFC South or on the Pats.

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20 minutes ago, jchandler7 said:

 Whichever one does NOT go to the Browns!

My answer would be similar. TOTALLY depends on where these guys go.


Going to a terrible organization can ruin any player, especially a QB.

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I refuse to vote. Both have some awesome attributes and some big red flags to me. It's all about fit (right situation that will help these guys succeed). I can't say which will do better because I don't know where they will end up. The situation is everything....especially with these two.

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