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[Greg Cosell] Saquon Barkley is a great prospect, but not without some faults

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Here's a very good analysis with tons of picture and video illustration on Saquon Barkley by one of the better football analysts - Greg Cosell: 







Saquon Barkley is a high-level prospect with all of the running and receiving traits you want in today’s NFL back.

However, the Penn State running back’s tape reveals some tendencies he’ll have to work on to be a star in the NFL. Or, perhaps those tendencies are just part of his playing DNA.

In looking at draft prospects last year, we looked at strengths and then weaknesses. Since we are all aware of Barkley’s fantastic college career and impressive combine, I thought it might be worth looking first at what Barkley doesn’t do quite as well.



When I watched Barkley on tape, especially in 2016, I thought he needs to develop a stronger downhill mentality as a runner. He doesn’t always run with the power you’d expect from someone his size (233 pounds). Getting the tough yards inside is demanded in the NFL from a foundation back.

Barkley is clearly a talented runner, but at times he showed a tendency to bounce runs outside. That leaves yards on the field and isn’t generally going to work in the NFL. He improved on that last season, though it’s something worth noting. Barkley made a lot of big gains in college by bouncing it outside, but it’s not as easy against faster NFL defenders. Barkley’s style often resembles a scat-back, which is unusual for someone as big as he is.

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about. On the first offensive play of the 2016 Big Ten championship game, Barkley’s instinct is to bounce this run outside.





this is just a snippet of the article - go to the link above to read the full thing and watch the videos in it. 

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Name 2 NFL Prospects who hasn't received more scrutiny than Lamar Jackson (Had a horrible pro day, Didn't run the .40, even though we know he's clearly faster than Tom Brady) and Barkley (He has faults? name me one person who doesn't have faults)? The coincidence is that they both just so happens to be the biggest home run threat in the draft. JBH

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