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Former Saints Dc Williams Faces "bounty" Punishment (((((Merge)))))

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He deserves it and so do all the other affiliate saints players/coaches/staff. What else would you expect. So many lawsuites against the NFL right now, it was expected.

Saints fans are delerious. They think the NFL is out to get them and destroy their franchise... conspiracy type stuff.

That is exactly why Roger Goodell came down so hard on the Saints too. He knows player lawsuits are coming down the pike fast & furious.

I find it laughable & appalling to think that endless warnings from the NFL did nothing to stop this malicious bounty activity. In addition, sometimes the best thing both players & management can do in this situation is issue a gag order & code of silence publicly. Admit you messed up, take your lumps, & move on like mature adults here. No one is picking on you unfairly here okay. Saints Nation & the fans who embrace this misguided philosophy of pity me & "the world is out to get us" bunker mentality look petty & foolish IMO.

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