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Tailback Damien Williams to visit Colts Tuesday

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8 hours ago, Freenyfan102 said:

 can he play on the offensive line..........nope then its wasted money.


You, good sir, are being ridiculous! A football team is made up of more than offensive linemen. Every post you've made in the 24 hrs has been nothing but criticism. I have no problem with being critical. Personally I have enjoyed coming to the forum and reading the opinions of others. There are several people here who have voiced concerns about our free agency activity or lack thereof but you are to point where it is nonsensical. Really, it is one thing to have a differing viewpoint it is a completely different thing to be a troll. Right now, it seems to me like you are being a troll. It doesn't bother me if you disagree with going after this young man, but please have more reasoning than just "he isn't a lineman so we shouldn't sign him."

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Williams I think would be a better signing than Deion Lewis.  He moves pretty well and does all the things Lewis can do.   Plus he's a lot bigger than Lewis.  Can be a multiple carry guy if needed.  Should/Would be a good one two combo with Mack.  Add Matt Jones or whoever the third guy is and looks good to me.

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