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Indianapolis Colts trade #3 overall pick to New York Jets (merge)

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Boom.    There you have it.    Is Chris Ballard awesome again? 

Nelson all the way.

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1 minute ago, ClaytonColt said:

Disappointed that we might now be out of range for Chubb but it's a great value trade. Just got to nail the picks now.

It’ll be a run on QB aside from Cleveland 2nd pick and possibly Giants. Chubb could very well be there. Barkley probably won’t though

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    • Kenny Moore confirmed it so it’s accurate. We are pretty deep at corner. Although we still don’t have much for the future we have good depth this coming year.
    • I gave a legitimate reason for Cosmi being my favorite and thats being a Longhorns fan
    • Haven't heard much about Hooker's progress on rehabbing his injury... but so long as he clears a physical (and wants to play), I can't imagine him not being in the league this season.     I just looked -- it appears as Daurice Fountain is currently a FA as well.  I like Fountain, seems like a nice young man and it's a shame he had that ankle injury.  I think we're probably too deep at WR (I'd still like to see us add one more stud, but we've got a lot of talented guys battling for the 5th and 6th WR spot among Patmon, Dulin, Harris, JJ Nelson already) for Fountain to make our team... but would root for him if he got a chance elsewhere.
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    • I still think an OT will be acquired in FA.    Maybe one of the Chiefs tackles.    Anyway you and I are swinging on the same monkey-bars 
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