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Moncrief to the Jags too [Merge]

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    • Which is why teams don’t do that down three score.  Just building off your point.
    • There is nothing wrong with pulling for your time.  That’s why most of us are here.  You shouldn’t be shamed for that.     With that said, remember people who point out flaws aren’t always doing it to be doom and gloom they are just saying hey this is what I saw and I think it could be a problem.  The vast majority of those people would love to be wrong and for it not be a problem and for the Colts to win every game they play.  I know I am that way when I point out something I think is a problem.     To me it’s not about being right, although I will admit to some here it is, it’s just reacting to what I saw and if I end up wrong so be it.  If I am wrong and it turns out good for the Colts I’ll be happy to be wrong.  
    • A parlay is a sports book bet that has multiple games and you must win them all to collect.  But at much better odds than even odds for picking just 1 game.   If all the games all have even money lines a multiple parlayed pays approximately: 2 team pays 3-1 3 team pays 6-1 4 team pays 10-1 5 team pays 20-1    Money lines of course affect parlay odds. Point spreads are approx odds shown above.
    • I think the problem is people take comments out of context on both sides and take it to the extreme.  Example if you say hey I don’t think Frank called a good game someone is going to say you are calling for him to be fired.  At the same time if you say hey Rivers played a good game on Sunday someone is going to take that as you saying Rivers is the best ever QB problems solved!  I think everyone would be better served to just take things at face value and not try to read into it to make your opinion, whatever it might be, stronger.  
    • Nah..  But I'm sure somebody somewhere will give Reich or Ballard credit for being geniuses lol. 
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