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Who Is Incarcerated Bob?

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So he just guesses like every other "source"

Exactly, then if/when they are right they can brag about it, and if they are wrong they will ignore it and make another prediction ... whats sad is all the people giving the guy their eyeballs... how pathetic.

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Isn't he the same guy who also reported we were going to sign Randy Moss?

I think he has some kinda insider source but here is the difference between him and a media member rather than confirming that his source is right he just puts anything out there.

Before someone say well ESPN guys do that they are always careful to say things like "I think that... or this is the most likely thing... or signs point to..." when they are speculating.

Rob Lowe and George Jetson.
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I signed up for twitter long ago and because of junk like this rarely use it. Too much effluvia.

I never have.....is it worth it? Some kids think they are great friends with Kobe Bryant and Shaq....granted they may get a tweet....but they are living larger than life.
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