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Zach Fulton most likely to the Texans

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13 minutes ago, Alex22 said:



I really liked this guy as an option on the OL, but looks like we may miss out. 

I will say this, the Texans have a lot of cap space but still less than us. Yet they are being linked to everyone under the sun lol


Gaines, Butler, Fulton, Solder


So who the heck knows. 


That said I know Fulton has been a forum favorite and a lot of people see the Ballard connection and expect us to go after him. I never thought  he was going to be a great fit. He is versatile as can be, but his best position has really been Center. And he aren’t moving Kelly. The Texans are rumored to be potentially moving Nick Martin to guard if they sign him. Which makes some sense since Fulton played best at Center. 


I hope we address the OL in free agency but at this rate I don’t know who the heck we try to lure to upgrade since we may not be in on the big money big name guys. 


Heck if Fulton is going to go for over $7M a year, I am almost happy to pass on him at that cost. 

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