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A Scenario That Would Ruin The Days of 90% of Our Forum

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In my opinion, the Colts have to come away from this draft with one of three players (1) Chubb, (2)Barkley, or (3) Nelson. The good thing is we are drafting 3rd so we are guaranteed one of those players if we don't trade out. I would love for us to trade down but ONLY if we can still pick up one of these 3 players. I'll trust Ballard and the rest of the staff's opinion because they have forgotten more football than I'll ever know, but I really think we need one of these 3 players.

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18 hours ago, WarGhost21 said:


Assuming, for whatever reason, we had no trade-down partners, who would you take at 3?

hard for me to get past the assumption because the phone would surely be ringing.  denver and the jets are only 2 and 3 picks down from us, and they both need QBs.


playing along im taking tremaine edmunds, not nelson 

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