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Your 2018 NFL Draft Bold Predictions

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Barkley and Chubb go 1/2, creating an all out bidding war for the Colts pick at 3.


The Browns need an identity, BAD. What has the AFC North been known for the last decade? A top notch defense, and a ground and pound game out the butt. The Browns can always get a QB at 4, or take another defensive playmaker.


I feel like this one actually makes sense. JPP isn’t what he used to be, and he’s taking up a lot of cap space for NY. If Pat Shurmer believes in Eli, then I wouldn’t not be surprised in the least if they went defense at 2. 

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7 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Chubb goes #1 to the Browns. The Browns thinking of building a dominant Defense and want to pair him up with Garrett. Then at 4 they can still take a QB. The topic did say bold lol, so I doubt this happens but I think that would be mighty bold if it happened.


If I were the Browns, I would do this.  They can still grab a RB in the beginning of round 2.

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1 hour ago, Barry Sears said:

Colts take Nelson at #3




Colts trade down twice in the 1st round and pick up 3 additional 2nd round picks and picks in 2019 draft


My dream scenario would be for the Colts to trade down twice, still end up with a top 10 pick, and still get Quenton Nelson or Bradley Chubb.

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Trade down with Jets #6. Get their rd 2 # 50 pick + 4th rd #102 pick+ 2nd rd 2019 pick.  

1. Q.Nelson

2. M.Mcglinchey + A. Key

3.W. Hernandez 

4.S.Michel+ Auden Tate

5. Tre'quan Smith

6.Michael Joseph ( best kept secret)

7. S. Griffin


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