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Obgonnia Okoronkwo is 1 reason why we can pass on Chubb..

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I have been saying we can still get a very good pass rusher in round 2, and pass on Chubb to take Barkley..The knock on Okoronkwo is his size at 6-1 240lbs, but if you watch the tape he is an ANIMAL..He is a combination of Mathis and Freeney athletically..Like Freeney he is very strong and has a good bullrush, also I never seen a better spin move on a prospect, and he has perfected it to to get to the QB much like Freeney,..He is undersized like Mathis, but is also just as quick, agile, and relentless ..He should be there in the 2nd, and is my favorite pass rusher so far..At Oklahoma they used him as OLB and defensive end, and he has some ability to even drop in coverage..Some will say he is more suited to 3-4 because of his size, but he played as end with hand in the dirt in 4-3, and as a standup Olb..We will use hybrid 4-3 most likely with some 3-4 looks so I think this is a guy to watch.. He has no red flags or character issues like an Arden Key does..We could possibly get the elite running back and our next stud pass rusher without sacrificing either..

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