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McDaniels rejects Colts.

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1 minute ago, bluebombers87 said:

If this is true then it has to mean B.B. is retiring now or after next year, Luck is hurt worse than was told to him, or he’s a colossal DB.


Who knows.

Maybe all of the above

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This is insane. I guess, we will find a better candidate to take over the team. He obviously wasn't completely on board if Kraft was able to entice him to stay. We need a coach that is loyal and keeps his word, this guy obviously isn't that guy. Really hurt us in the search, but still a few decent candidates left. Unfortunately they will barely be in place for the combine in a few weeks. Ballard will earn his money with this damage control.

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1 minute ago, ReMeDy said:


What's the rule on this? Are we allowed to release them? If so, do we take a financial hit from any of it?


1 minute ago, bluebombers87 said:

Wonder if there are any legal reprucussions. 


If no one has signed yet, I don't think there's any hit to anyone. And it doesn't sound like anyone has signed yet.


When this happened with Belichick and the Jets, I believe he had signed already, and the Pats wound up giving the Jets a first rounder.

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And I was the.... for not wanting him. LOL


I just want to thank all the people who called me the $*&^&%! for not wanting Josh McCheat! You guys are my hero's!




This news has made my day.

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Wow. This is pretty much terrible for the Colts.  I am surprised since it got the point of an actual presser being scheduled that he did indeed back out.  But as i said Sunday night i could see him doing it if he was promised a HC job in NE. And like it or not, he's a Patriot and they get off on sticking it to the Colts.  

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