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Just now, oldunclemark said:

To win, it would seem the Eagles have to hold the ball for 5-6 minutes every time they get it.

Their pass rush has disappeared.


The Phily play calling is very good

Pats getting away with a lot of holding from what i can see

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    • Going to be so fun watching him. Reich needs to keep him from playing hero ball so much but he is so good. It’s clear he is a good leader and a very hard worker.
    • Yup. He's just very limited. To your point above, not very good blitzing at all. He had 1 pressure on 26 blitzes (4%). Walker had 3 on 22 (14%). Leonard had 8 on 45 (18%). IMO, he's also a bit undersized to play MIKE. 
    • Yeah and the door hasn’t closed on Mack either
    • Bobby was rumored at first to be part of a Trade offer to the Eagles so I looked into him a little bit. Seamed like a nice LB project. A 75+% completion rating on him but in today's NFL thats really about avg esp in the style defense the Colts ran last year. Very good tackler with the ability to plug those run gaps.    To compare him to Leornard is just not fair. Darius is a great all around LB, has the coverage skills and is a turnover machine. Very good A gap blitzer, able to find the holes and shed off the blockers. Bobby does not have either of these abilities. Bobby looks like he has the talent to be a nice starting LB in this league but I dont see him being a every down LB like Darius. 
    • I think we need to give some of our young guys a chance to play. My only reason for signing another reciever is Campbell. I am not sure this team can count on him to stay healthy. If Campbell coukd be counted on , I would say we r good.
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