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Just now, oldunclemark said:

To win, it would seem the Eagles have to hold the ball for 5-6 minutes every time they get it.

Their pass rush has disappeared.


The Phily play calling is very good

Pats getting away with a lot of holding from what i can see

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    • What....players don't develop?
    • If you put the 3 or so best iterations of the team with Peyton at the helm, I think the 05' squad was probably the best on paper, because it had a bit of grit in other areas that weren't passing and pass rush. The year before and after, just from recollection, maybe a hair off the mark. I'm thinking the number show a better 03/04 team though.. Don't really remember at this point. (It happened! I forgot! Life does go on! lol).   Or 2006coltsbestever ? Hard to argue with winning the SB.    
    • I had no idea who this guy was until I started to watch tape.   He is an AMAZING blocker, which probably had the OC featuring him in that role vs as a pass catcher. (Not the kids fault)   One analyst said 2nd to 4th round pick.   If he runs a 4.5 to 4.6 at his pro day, he may help his cause further   Also.....    There are some vids of him working with special needs kids, and him being interviewed    He is a highly intelligent, articulate kid......     He seems like a CB "kinda guy'          
    • If that's the case, throw these graphs in the garbage bin.   A guy who has (1) 1,000yd season and (0) 10td seasons, in 4 years, is more valuable than 2 multi time All Pros combined.  
    • There is a difference between whining and legitimate complaints. Looks like you are siding with the team no matter what.   Refusing to trade him is probably the wrong move here, they will be better on the field if they just do it.  He's not coming back
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