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Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread


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Brady is off. He almost killed Cook when he hung him out to dry, not the defender. And then he dropped that pass because he was just as shook.


Now with my Brady digs out of the way, good game so far. The Eagles seem more focused than the Falcons were this time last year. They were dancing and duncing all over the place. They better stay focused to because you know the Pats will fix this at halftime.

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3 minutes ago, Nesjan3 said:

spoke too soon

Several years ago I was explaining to my mom how bad a CB for Iowa was.  Just as I was explaining this the man intercepted the ball in the endzone and ran it back 108 yards for a pick 6.  Set a school record for longest INT return.


Was probably the only good play of his whole college career.

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So now the Eagles aren't even going to try to tackle now?


The game changed on that interception.


It's going to be all Patriots now.


Now for the Eagles to punt after 3 plays and then Brady will blow down the field to score an easy TD as the first half expires.

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