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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I think we actually gave up Phil Dorsett for JB.  I would give up a 1st as well if necessary.
    • I guess it ultimately boils down to me not thinking as much of him as you do. You think he's worth all that(1st round pick, franchise QB money?), and I don't. I think a lot of his production and stats are schemed up and manufactured. To me he exhibits a lot of the same characteristics that Jacoby did in the first half of the season - elevated numbers that overstate his level of play thanks to playcalling and scheme. I didn't think Jacoby was good enough back then, and I don't think Carr is good enough now(admittedly, Carr is better than Jacoby). We've gone through this same conversation before, so I don't want to regurgitate it all over again...    I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this one. I don't want to trade for Carr, unless the price is a 3d round pick or thereabout so we can treat him as a temporary/bridge QB that gives us better level of play than Jacoby in the short term, but we are not tied to him long term through overpaying for him. 
    • A reasonable trade for Carr would be a great option...... playoffs in 2020   IF they are interested....   The 2nd 2nd...(I would offer less initially ) would be a great deal   as mentioned..... go for Cooper   Draft OL and DL with our top two picks   Sign me up!
    • Foot injuries? Soul would be soft tissue injuries, no?
    • They would never make the choice to keep Teddy over Brees when Brees is still showing he can with them a SB now.  If he was regressing maybe.  They would have to dump a lot of players to keep both thereby weakening the team and hurting their chances for an immediate SB run.  Counting on rookies and cheap FAs to fill the void is a a big gamble.  I think they are all in for this year and the last thing they would want to do is weaken the team by dumping players and keeping both QBs at market value. 
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