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Ballard will have his options at #3 overall

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Start watching at 4:30. I completely agree with this and have been saying for awhile it makes the most sense to find a trade partner in hopefully either Denver or the Jets, adding more high picks, and still getting your guy after the trade down.



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The key is to move down but still get the guy we want. Hints for the tradedown maybe happening is what the Brows do in FA regarding the QB position. If they get Cousins in FA, and the Giants wanted Barkley, the Browns will pick Barkley #1 and the Giants will  most likely pick a QB to groom behind Eli at #2 or trade down themselves. If we then trade back to #5 or 6, I fear that the Browns will pick Chubb at #4 and then we have options like: pick Minka Fitz, T Edmunds, R Smith, or try to trade down again ... who knows ?

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    • I make perfect sense, he isnt top 10 by any means he is 25th best, I didnt make the list referenced someone who among many who had Tucker first as an example (Didnt think it was that hard to decipher sorry if anyone else didnt get it).   Sorry but any kicker in modern NFL who goes 78.6 % on PAT and 68% on Fg's during an entire season isnt kicking for anyone or animal i care about, to say otherwise is kinda insane i.m.o. and can't say ignore it but it occurred, if Tucker ever falls off like that I'd say the same BUT if and buts are facts, just saying.
    • I've never had an actual job under a real boss in my life tbh. I have technically managed pokemon teams where we travel across the U.S. and play competitively for prizes, college scholarships, and other stuff though. Right now, I manage blackjack teams where I teach basic strategy and card counting and we go into casinos to win money sometimes (just a small operation, but I have to be sure everyone is good enough since it's a business). We aren't going to the casino right now because of the coronavirus.   Not technically the boss of a big company, but I was responsible for teams and still am winning money. I have two friends that play on fanduel with me, and we build lineups for baseball, basketball, and football. We've transitioned into other sports as well like golf, mma, and nascar. An interesting example here is I won $300 in a Colorado tournament for the NFL Draft on fanduel. We used a salary cap to predict who would go at each position and we had to get one of the first 4 players at each positions to qualify for points. You get 6, 3, 2 and then 1 for 1-4 respectively. You also got to pick a team you thought would trade the most. I picked the 49ers because they were cheap and I heard rumors they would trade down and also trade some players.   I didn't even let my mom cook for me as a kid as soon as I figured out I could make my meals more to my liking. Very picky eater, and she didn't cook for me exactly how I wanted. That helped me be more independent as an adult though (or it started it), so I guess it's a good thing in the end.   I honestly can't work with people very well, and I'm bipolar, so the two don't mix. That's why I do things where it's easy to get people to listen to me and I enjoy that don't feel like work.
    • Does that include managing a large team of people you're responsible for?  Because if it does, I really respect you for that.     I've accepted jobs/promotions before where I was the #1 guy managing large groups of people, and I absolutely hated it.  It's just too much stress.  Constant meetings.  Never-ending paperwork.  Endless hours.  Phone calls at every hour of every day about every little thing from every employee you're in charge of...   I guess I'm not a Peyton Manning.  I'm more of a role-player.  I'm the workhorse-do-everything-RB like Edge that makes Peytons' job easier without having to deal with the stress/demands of being Peyton Manning.  
    • I agree, it looks like Kimbrel isn't the answer. We are going to have to do it by bullpen by committee.
    • Yeah, Kimbrel sure looks snake bit. Gotta be tough after so much success!
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