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Jacksonville (+7.5) at New England (1-21-18)

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10 minutes ago, dgambill said:

I agree but when the receiver falls like that into you and your turning and not leading with the head...that to me is not the spirit of the rule. It only got called because he didn’t get up...but there was no targeting nothing...it’s not the defenders fault Gronks head dropped when he stumbled and the sides hit each other. I can live with that call to protect guys but then to follow it up with PI when the receiver ran his route out of bounds because the defender pinched him that’s just perfect defense...horrible.


Oh well... penalty stands. and i felt it was illegal contact earlier, the PI was 'shaky'


7 minutes ago, bluebombers87 said:

So the point is to deter those hrs. How does one not do something they can’t control?



7 minutes ago, dgambill said:

That’s the rule...that isn’t the spirit of the rule. It’s meant to protect receivers from being targeted and defenders from leading with crown and having head to head collisions. Not a wr who trips and falls into a defender who clearly pulled up and even turned his back to the play.


The refs are instructed to rule in favors of the 'defenseless' player (QB or receiver) every time.  Bill Polian has expressed this many times on Sirius XM radion and elsewhere.  I think he was on the Competition Committee when the rule was instituted.

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