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Colts interview requests and confirmations (merge)


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    • KG really wasn’t near 100% until the Jax game either. He looks close to 100% now.    Week 1 Vs the Bears the Lions defense lost 3 CB’s. Two of them starters. They were dominating CHI before that and CHI was able to rally back as a result. DET still almost won the game but Swift dropped the game winner in the end zone. The Lions defense was really banged up vs GB, ARZ and NO. They are finally getting healthy. The Lions are still down two CB’s. Trufant and Coleman won’t play this week and haven’t played since week one.    I think the Swift vs Taylor matchup will be a fun one to watch.  I hope they both get the majority of the carries.   
    • I view him as mediocre.  Might not be fair to him but that's my take.  You can win with mediocre if you have a talented roster but there's a cap on your ceiling.   Good chance that Ballard knows this and will make a change if things don't go the way he wants in the playoffs.
    • If you look at how the trend is heading nowadays it seems like GM has become a complementary role to the Head Coach.  Where they basically work hand in hand with the coach or maybe even for them in scouting the class and shaping their board.  But I think the old model, the classic GM at the top ensuring you have that year to year consistency (and maybe even setting the course on what type of team he wants) has its advantages.   Ballard's a good GM.  Having that in place is really important for your long term health of the franchise.  So I think from that perspective the franchise is immediately better off than half to two-thirds of the rest of the league.   I think what he's missing is the right coach.  He needs someone more current, more creative.  Not necessarily the trendy offensive mind but a head coach who is young and gives you a tactical advantage on one side of the ball and has a chance to grow into the total package.  There's some good options out there, lot of young coordinators filtering in to the league now, but Ballard can also look at college.   Bottom line is I think we're in good hands at the top.  The roster is strong.  Lot of positives just find the right guy to tie it all together.
    • Not often but it can happen.  Bears D are the reason they won in 85
    • Rodgers has several years left  Rivers will probably be here 1 more tops
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