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Indianapolis Colts
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    • So you call me a liar, I provide a pic proving you're wrong, and you still persist...  Pretty rich lol... I'm happy to provide more pics, a vid, or even would provide my slingbox login to a mod (so they can confirm), if that would make you happy lol.   PS... I don't need to explain to you how I watch games. Most people that live out of state, know they can get Sunday Ticket, buy a Slingbox, get Kodi, or find one of the many illegal sites on reddit and simply stream it over the internet... Doesn't take a genius, which we all know you are not.   And now you want to say "we should try to avoid each other as much as possible", after I have asked you many times to ignore my posts altogether... pretty rich... and I also see you have responded to yet another one in my Q.... I guess you forgot what you just suggested? Or simply need to get another word in?
    • That's how i feel as well.   If Tua is a possibility i would trade up for him.  It is a risk but the draft is in vegas.  Where else do you take a gamble?  In the alternative, i'll be happy with Jeudy.
    • So I thought this would be fun for the forum and take our minds off of who the Colts will draft.  So here is the game.    There are 87 days until the NFL Draft this year in Las Vegas.  I would like to countdown until the draft by naming the best player each day.   For example.  Who is the best player draft at the 87th pick in the NFL Draft.  Then tomorrow 86th and so on and so on until the draft is here.  I will start with number 87.   According to many websites:   87. Vic Washington, WR, BC Lions   1970 Draft, Round 4 – San Francisco 49ers After attending Wyoming, Washington played three seasons in the CFL and won two Grey Cups with the Ottawa Rough Riders. The 49ers drafted him in 1971 and he made the Pro Bowl that season, which would be the high-water mark of his six-year NFL career.  
    • I 100% think Kelly will get a fair shot at the job.  He's very careful with his words but he said he has tools and a future in the league. I think Kelly is the most physically gifted QB we have and likely more physically gifted than anyone we will have the opportunity to draft.  I've said since pre-season, this kid can play.  IF he proves he can be a responsible citizen all of 2019 and into 2020 training camp, there's no point in not giving him a shot at the job.  I would be nervous about how he handles the job if he wins it.  I think C&B would be nervous too, can he handle the pressure off the field?  Who knows? It feels like giving your teenager a Ferrari and hoping it all works out...even if the kid can drive like mad.  I think our starting QB for 2020 is currently on this roster, I'm just not sure which guy it is...
    • It was either on his weekly video last year and/or on the Stamped Blue site... 100% positive he said 3rd/4th round is where he values DTs... I’ll search for it. https://www.stampedeblue.com
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