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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Huge upgrade over JB. He played under both Reich and Sirriani in San Diego so it’s the logical and easy transition to make. Pair him with a top offensive line and run game, TY and Doyle, hope that Campbell shows up in year 2, and bring another couple stud pass catchers in this offseason and let’s roll. I don’t know why people on here think we are going to force the issue at qb. We are going to win football games next year. Roster is too good and continuing to improve to not, regardless of qb play. Let’s improve the position that killed our division chance last year, and continue beefing up the defensive line.    Ballard has stated they will be true to the evaluation, which means we likely see a 2nd or 3rd round qb drafted. They are doing their due diligence on Love and Herbert. Neither of those guys will be at 13, IMO. 
    • I never understood the talks about him having to be moved to G. Furthermore... I feel like he can be successful at LT. 
    • He's been one of if not the most pressured QB in almost all of football the last 2 years I do believe. They had no O Line and no running game. Even Peyton threw more picks when we had that type of situation.  I think he'd be just fine as long as we don't put everything on his shoulders.  Same way New Orleans extended Drew Brees career a little bit by running the football more and relieving some of the workload.   Our team has the pieces to do that.  I think he fits just fine as a 1 or 2 year stop gap while grooming a draft pick or CK maybe.
    • I've become more open to the Rivers acquisition also now that it's a possibility. He'd give us a real chance to compete while grooming a young guy.
    • I think we could if we had Phillip Rivers at QB and some upgrades at WR.   I think he could do something like Kurt Warner in his last years.  Now that it's more realistic I've gotten more open to the idea of acquiring Rivers and drafting a young QB or maybe staying with Chad Kelly if they believe in him at all.   I think we're fine at LB and on the back end.  I think we need to upgrade our CB position and add a little bit more fire on the DL.  Do those things and yeah I believe we could win the Super Bowl if Rivers were the QB.  I'd be very interested to see our offense because we could finally open some things up that we were holding back due to Brissetts limitations.
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