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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Some of the debating over the "meaning" of the polls are kinda funny. The overwhelming majority do not feel JB is the answer. Call him average or below average, really doesn't matter. Chad Kelly getting a shot doesn't really matter either. Neither does JB starting till we find "the guy"....   Bottom line is most folks aren't happy and want something different and that was the million dollar question. How it all happens is another another question (actually multiple questions) altogether. 
    • Who needs to go to any other site when we have you, great work 
    • You nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what is happening!!!!!!!!!!! Great post. Yes, we have to try and keep trying to do what is required. The team has regressed this year and its because of JB. This injury thing with JB is a bunch of crap along with less then desired WR's. Please Mr. Ersay do what has to be done. The team will never go anywhere with this guy. 
    • On the first bolded, I absolutely agree. He lost so much from last year (OL, WR, RB, and coach), and his D is a lot worse. They are in catch up mode a lot this year, and asking him to do way to much.   On the comments about him making a mistake, I disagree. He's shown what he can do with decent talent, and with a decent OC (Yost), last year. Most reports said he was weighing a transfer to get back to Yost. At best, he'd just be replicating the season he had last year, which was very good. Would it raise his stock, maybe... but he's starting to trend middle of the 1st and either the 3rd or 4th QB taken. If he stayed in school, and he had a good year, best he is going to do is be second (after Lawrence), and he's lost out on a paid year. It's kind of a wash IMO if he does go middle first this year.
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