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Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

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1 minute ago, oldunclemark said:

I cant believe this

More of the same it seems.  Good...thought we might actually win this one.  This was circled on my calendar as a "must lose" game.  lol   Ballard should have some good ammo to approach this upcoming off-season.

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4 minutes ago, Trace Pyott said:

This team is soooo bad. Brisett is not the answer either. I seriously wonder how much worse tolzein would of been. 

Brissett is probably one of the best back ups in the NFL. I don't understand the constant complaining about him. Yes hes clearly not an Andrew Luck type but he is great to have for a back up.

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4 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Yeah when you are facing Jacoby Whitehurst he should be licking his chops.

Heck Joe Nobody beat us last week.  I tremble in fear against the scrub QBs of this league every week as a Colts fan. 


I wonder how Scott Tolzien would look against the Colts if he played for another team.  lol

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    • That sounds good.    I would be fine with 6-8 pm and 9-11 pm ET with a 5 minute window for picks, so 16 picks should be done in 120 minutes. It would be like the real draft starting Day 3, where they get only 5 minutes between picks.     Would you have time around the beginning of April to help moderate this along with me? If it is a small window of time, it is a smaller time commitment on my front and yours, so I like this idea.   I can ask @NFLfan @csmopar and @danlhart87 again if they would be willing to make themselves available for those small windows of time thus giving us plenty of options. Let us bring this thread back up then.
    • First of all, I'd say bad fit for us. He's a 3-4 DE. In our system he'd be a tweener, or maybe even a 3T.  Great against the run, average vs the pass. Very solid 3 down guy overall in a 3-4.   IMO, even if he was a fit, we don't need run D help, and he'd be too expensive. Overall just not the benefit and value we need.    
    • Here's what we did on another board a few years ago. Worked out pretty good. 1 Round per evening 2 windows each night... picks 1-16, and then 17-32 (I think it was 7p-8p and 9-10, but could have been 8-9 and 10-11). That way, guys new pretty much when they needed to be there, and only needed to pay attention for roughly an hour per day. Really not even that long. Also gave the mods some time between windows to tidy up. 3 minute clock hence the "flash" term. If you miss a pick, you drop 5 spots (basically giving them an extra 15 minutes). If they missed it a second time, they get bumped to the end of the round and have up to an hour before the next days round starts. If they miss that, they get best player based on their primary needs.  We had 3 threads going at once, and 3 moderators. One thread for the pick announcements and general comments, one with a constantly updated order and big board, and one to manage trades. The big board management was great in terms of keeping it going and checking off who is gone. We also published team needs, but I can't remember if we tracked it except for using it when folks missed their window. Only trades allowed are pick for pick(s) so very little approval needed. No picks for existing players (We did the mock post FA fury, I think we started about 2 weeks prior to the draft).
    • I didn't say he could be as good as Leonard. I said pretty clearly that if Leonard was 95/100 That I think Oke's ceiling is about 86-90.    By in which I also added that any team would be alright that that level of play. I think you are misunderstanding. Because we both seem to agree that Oke will more than likely be a pretty darn good player. 
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