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Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

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Just now, oldunclemark said:

You have no idea, Flash......The NFL's worst offense

It's a battle between a 3-win team (Colts) and a 4-win team (Broncos). I'm not expecting much from either team, and I'm also not expecting a W for the Colts. If they do win, great. If not, no worries -- better draft position.

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3 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Go Colts! Up 7-0 so far. Lets make the people mad that want to pick 3rd woooohoooo :thmup:. As long as we pick in the Top 10 I am good with it which we will. I just want to read comments from a lot of people that will freak out if we win because we drop a couple of spots in the Draft order lmao 

Some people just wanna watch the world burn lol

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    • I think Stafford at 4 years at 120 M is a little steep.  At least thats the numbers I saw on the other thread.   Thinking outside the box for a second, what if we gave a 5th round pick to the Bills for Jake Fromm ?   If you're interested in Trask, Fromm is almost the same QB.   Precision timing thrower, can throw receivers open, very accurate.
    • I do think a Stafford trade is the SAFEST move (For a reasonable trade) to take this team forward   But.......I would agree that a VERY overlooked option is Jamies Winston   Winston needs some time in the QBs room, to fix the interceptions, but the guy threw almost 500 Yards against us in a game. AND threw for 5000 yards in the season. Only TWO other QBs have accomplished this feat in the history of the NFL.   If his head is on straight, (He has a past) he would be another excellent option   Who better to work with a QB than Sean Payton (This last year) and Frank R.    He is actually my second best choice   He could be had for a cheap contract (Maybe a 2 year prove it deal at 6M each year)   That would leave us with our 1st, and 14M more available CAP $$ (Vs a Stafford pickup) that we could sign an OT with and maybe a (second tier)  DE FA    We then could do a true BPA approach in the draft
    • I don't really have a dog in the fight. My SB team from my pool was BUF...and now I just have my squares.   But if I am being honest...I would prefer that Brady doesn't win. If that means he comes back...so be it. I don't hate Brady like most Colts fans...but seeing him win another SB would be gross. And I think it would take a very questionable game by KC for that to happen. I think KC has a real shot at being the first team in the SB era to three-peat SB titles.
    • Illegal contact past 5 yards, all day in the NFL.     That contact past the 5 yard mark allowed him to close up with Noah. I do like Noah Gray of Duke for the TE spot.
    • I don’t know if it was Covid and no off-season, OR,  if there was an undisclosed injury, something seemed not quite right.    And I believe his 2020 PFF grades reflected that.   Hoping for a better ‘21. 
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