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Is Chris Polian REALLY in charge now? Has Bill really stepped back?

It seems ( draft & this years FA activity) that there is a different "feel" about player aquisitions.

Does anyone really know the GM status (real status) or any differences between Chris and Bill's philosophies.

The "urgency" of both a SB in Indy and Peyton's "window" could also be a factor.

But I am curious if anyone knows about the Polians on a more personal level.

You could argue Chris might "resemble" his father's views because he worked under / around him so long. Also, he might infuse a new perspective which, lately, seems to be more activity in FA.

I like what I've seen so far (overall). We Addressed needs in draft. Signing our own quality and adding what appear to be "value" players in FA. We've addressed pretty much EVERY need area. When is the last year that happened? Of course, the loss of Sanders and possibly Hayden has created some need at CB and safety, we seem to have some cap $, and I think we can get both in the next couple weeks or so. Maybe after cuts start coming. A couple serviceable vets perhaps.

I like what I've seen. It seems the organization is serious about giving it a good run.

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