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Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread


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6 minutes ago, SteelCityColt said:


He has previously got challenges right thus far this season, and as often debated, is it on him or on the team upstairs who should be snap reviewing the footage for him?


HC has too much going on.  The QC up in the booth needs to review and make the call down to HC whether to challenge or not.  So you need a sharp eyed QC coach that wont waste timeouts just hoping.

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Just now, #12. said:

Has Brissett made a single 4th quarter drive this season?  


I don't care how good your surrounding team is.  If your QB can't make plays in the 4th quarter/crunch time, you won't  win. 

He usually throws in a game losing Int for good measure.  

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Touchdown Titans.


Tennessee takes the lead 20-16. 


First Downs 15   15
Total Yards 232   237
Passing Yards 176   148
Rushing Yards 56   89
Penalties (Yds) 2(15)   5(27)
Turnovers 2   1
Punts (AVG) 3(46)   4(45)
Time of *. 24:44   29:17



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It's the same M.O.   pass all first half until defense backs off, then pound the ball on the ground.  Now they'll be able to pass and run since we won't know which they will run at this point.  and they blitz JB and keep him form getting into a rhythm.  Every team we face does this.

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3 minutes ago, RockThatBlue said:

What happened to our run defense? Could drive a truck through these holes

It's winning time. Bad teams no where to be found when it counts most.  This game no different than the other loses.  No kudos to Pagano from me for the same ole bull crap.

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