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Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread


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4 minutes ago, Tony6759 said:

So why don't we go after an NFL starting quarterback that's out there we've already tried to get that one guy from the Eagles and the Eagles was not going to release him hell I'll take Colin Kaepernick for right now

can he play offensive line?

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4 minutes ago, JCPatriot said:


Well, they were pretty terrible on offense most of the 1st half as well.


Colts had a 195 yards and Houston got the ball first. I would not call that terrible by any stretch of the imagination. 

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1 minute ago, HarryTheCat said:

What will Bonehead Brisket screw up next?


To be fair, we are leading 10-7 and have the ball. 


And he just made a nice run too. First down Colts!

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1 minute ago, RockThatBlue said:

I don't get all the complaining about Brissett. I think hes played decent this game. Yes he fumbled and it was bad, but he hasn't exactly played awful today


He has been a decent backup...........which is what he is..........a backup.  Some people want starting caliber play out of the backup.  I do too, I guess.  I just realize that I'm not going to get it.

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8 minutes ago, BlueShoe said:

And that is why Chuck has to go!


You have to challenge that play. 


This is football 101 stuff here. 



Actually, Chuck handled that better than most.

would have been wasted call.  In fact, might have cost us some yards if TY did juggle and drop it.

i felt the spot was generous by about a half a yard.

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