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Just now, Chrisaaron1023 said:

we have played formidably this half.. wonder how lopsided the 2nd half will be...


It's pretty difficult for this defense to give up less than 30 points in a game. 


I would say they're good for at least 20 in the second half. 

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    • I like the breakdown and agree although i caveat with this:   I don't think Leno or Fisher was 2-3 year deals unless they get what their market is before being cut.   And I do not think CB is going to big against himself to do that.   Leno basically made $8M-$9M each year ($8.8, $5.0, $8.1, $8.1) and was slated to make $9.0M this year before cut.   If the Colts are going to offer him $8-$9M a year I think he would gladly take a 2-3 year deal. But if the Colts are bargain shopping then I think he and Fisher will both be happy to take 1 year deals and prove their worth and re-enter the market next year when there is a lot more money to go around.   Fisher probably won't go for a 2-3 year deal unless he is making $10M+    I would actually ideally like to see us give one of them a 2-3 year deal where we have cost control on a decent contract for a year or two beyond this one.   I think that is a big win if so. More likely scenario has us giving one of them a $6M-$8M deal for a year and then having to either try to extend them if it works out or let them walk if it doesn't. 
    • Best option if healthy - Fisher (will still likely want 2-3 years)   Safest option - Leno (likely wants 3 years min)   Most expensive option - Leno   Cheapest short term option with a level of safety - Okung (PFF predicts a 3 year deal, which I don't see).   IMO, if you don't grab one of those guys, or other quality FA, you'll end up starting Tevi. If you start Tevi, before long you're moving Nelson to LT.... Ballard likely doesn't want to give Leno 3-4 years and high dollars. FIsher comes with risk. IDK... 
    • Here's what PFF says, and how they rank them in terms of FAs available.   In short, Houston had the worst pass rush graded year of his career, but still was top 10 in pass rush win rate. Kerrigan on the other had a career worst year all around, was really lousy vs the run, while many expected a bump up in production per snap due to the reduced role.   If Houston would take a one year deal, I'd rather give him 10M than give Kerrigan 5M.     Don't forget we lost 2 (Autry and Houston) and added 3 (Paye, Dayo, Rochell). So even if Dayo takes longer, we're still even net/net with the addition of Rochell.    I agree he could start over Banogu. As long as Turay is deemed healthy enough to play, he'd be a better passing downs rusher than Kerrigan. Kerrigan wouldn't play on running downs at all for us. He'd be a rotational or depth pass rush specialist at best.
    • Man i respect you. But I just have to say the talent gradient in college is so vast compared to the NFL. I Trust Ballard. It makes sense and no way in hell am i making that trade. Whatever happened to sitting a kid for a year? I mean you got a bag, buy in or gtho.
    • Granson is a Burton type small hybrid, that probably doesn't block as well as Burton. Wasn't a huge fan of Burton, or really the level of usage from the slot. We'll see, but he just doesn't wow me, and will need to be used correctly to get the most out of him. He's definitely not a typical TE type.    Strachan is a raw small school project. Surprised we took another X type WR. Guessing Patmon isn't progressing as well as they hoped. Either that or think Patmon can play somewhere else (slot or Z) and I just have a hard time seeing that. Or maybe they think he can pack on pounds and become a TE or jumbo WR hybrid. I like his as a project though with low expectation.   IMO, the best pick of Day 3, or I should say the pick most likely to compete for starter snaps is Davis. SAF was a secondary need for me. I could see him pushing Willis by mid season if not earlier. He is physically more gifted, but probably less of a nose for the ball than Willis. There were other Ss I would have preferred, but he's decent. I'm just glad we grabbed one after losing a very solid Wilson.
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