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Just now, Chrisaaron1023 said:

we have played formidably this half.. wonder how lopsided the 2nd half will be...


It's pretty difficult for this defense to give up less than 30 points in a game. 


I would say they're good for at least 20 in the second half. 

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    • Yup.  The AFC IMO will be interesting next year. So many teams have made major changes. You can make a case for a lot of teams, even ones like NYJ and Jax could be a lot better. Even Denver, who didn't make a QB move, had a quiet but great draft.    AFCS will likely be Indy and TN fighting for #1, but I think Jax will be fighting for the top spot in the next year or two. We can't even beat them when they're bad, so I'm a little scared lol.   
    • I will take top 15 - that makes us a playoff team IMO, top 10 could very well put us over the top.
    • Aye, but here is the rub. All (anyone that disagrees, show one that doesn't demonstrate this) of the studies show (that racked this data) there is a very noticeable degradation in play for those that return to sport. Some 20 to 25%. Not for a few weeks or a month or two, but the rest of the whole season. Any marked improvement to where they were prior to injury mostly occurs the 'next' season.  I do not expect Fisher to improve very much once (if) he is inserted into the starting line up.  If he is 90% by the playoffs, I'll believe he was 85% or more in his return. It could happen, but I feel by history the odds would differ.  
    • What's wrong with #15? Is it an unlucky #? Just saying and why#1?
    • BINGO!  This staff realized our #1 deficiency and that is our lack of getting to the QB.  We can no longer wait for Turray to become that force and they went out and spent our 1st and 2nd rd picks of the 2021 draft on edge rushers.  If Turray gives us anything in 2021 it will be a bonus and actually give our 2nd rd pick time to recover from injury before he is counted on.  We may have finished 15th but it felt like 32nd with the lack of an aggressive blitz game plan and a true legit pass rusher.  I hope Irsay is correct in stating he has never in his life seen this type of edge rushing talent go back to back but I like the fact this team sees there biggest weakness and addresses it.  If only they saw the weakness at the wr position like I do but if you have a back like Taylor and a top 5 OL, who cares about the qb or wr position.
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