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With the third pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select.....


With the seventh pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select.....


Should say it all right there folks!

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4 minutes ago, BlueShoe said:

How bad do these people want our team to be? And how long do they want the residual side effects to last? 


What residual effects?  If he really wants to play (like he says that he does), they should be able to sign him on a contract that makes him easily cuttable.  He doesn't have to be here long term.  I'm open to giving it a shot.

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Kaepernick came up in this thread because we need a starting NFL quarterback we don't need a backup all bull crap aside we need a starting quarterback in the NFL the team is only as good as the quarterback Andrew Andrew LED this team we had no defense

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    • I'm surprised by some of the takes here.  Leonard is a great player and you pay those guys.  The Colts will lock him up.  If he's unrealistic in his demands then they'll use the franchise tag on him, they can probably do that a couple years in a row worst case, it's not ideal and I don't expect it would come to that but it's an option when you have the cap maneuverability.
    • I don't agree with everything Ballard does but then again it's not his job to make me happy it's his job to build a roster that can compete.  And he's done that.  So I tend to cut the GM slack even when he passes on players I really like.   Colts are a true contender if Wentz can get back on track.  I think he's still got some dev to go but that's fine by me.  Also he is going to have a strong team around him which matters.  We all tend to put more on the QB than we should IMO.   I do think this season is about LT.  He has to hit on that pick.  If he doesn't it's going to make things harder on a young QB who has a lot of talent but also a lot to prove.
    • To be fair, the Colts were competitive under Grigson.    https://www.pro-football-reference.com/executives/GrigRy0.htm
    • So people want Ballard to sign good players to the roster from other teams but doesn't want to pay good players that we already have? lol.... Darius Leonard will be a Colt with a nice contract. He's deserved it and plays well. Need to keep him.
    • I'll be surprised if Radunz goes past pick 31.  And his film is really good, on par to my eye with the players I see mocked in that range.   I think Teven Jenkins is more a RT than a LT.  Also his back issue leading him to opt out is a massive concern to me.  Backs are very hard to predict.  I'd steer clear of this guy unless I wanted a RT and was very happy with his medical reports which we are not privy to.   Sewell, Slater, and Darrisaw are all outstanding but unlikely to make it to the 20s.  Eichenberg is excellent but has short arms and his own coach called him a RT.   All these things will work to put Radunz into late round 1.  Teams need tackles there just aren't enough of those big felllas.
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