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You Are Delusional If You Think He Is Going To Retire....

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If he can't work it out with Irsay he WILL BE PLAYING SOMEWHERE ELSE...

Yes it is going to happen... he isn't done by any means... he still has that drive and desire to rehab and play...this is obvious and shows...

You delusional fans who think he is going to retire if he isn't a Colt need to wake up....

My man is playing... and with the way Irsay has did this last week I hope he goes somewhere and kicks the crap out of the Colts for the next 3 years...(while Luck grows and I love Luck and the Colts)


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AJ, I closed this thread. Please don't create threads for the purpose of taking a personal shot at any and all that don't share your opinion.

It's inflammatory

We have enough fighting on this particular topic

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