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Luck being shut down from practice this week.

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1 minute ago, buccolts said:


Why the team doctor left?


BTW, I know, I know, he wasn't the surgeon.


Your guess is as good as mine. 

1 minute ago, TheRustonRifle#7 said:

Enough of that Debbie Downer, J/K!







1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Yeah I have a feeling he doesn't play this year but he will be 100% next year so it's all good.


I hope you're right. He's a tough dude. 

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Although a set back, I don't think we need to hit the panic button yet. He was ramping up his throwing action, putting more heat on them and throwing 30/40 yards down the field. Having not done that for a while he had some soreness in his shoulder.


We did what we have always have done, make sure Andrew is healthy, even if that means a few more weeks of Brissett. 


We don't make the playoffs this year now I think, but it was always a long shot. 

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Just now, TheRustonRifle#7 said:

It is Bert Jones, "The Ruston Rifle".  One of the greatest QB's ever that had his career cut short due to injuries....praying for a non parallel.

With todays technology Luck will be fine, we are just being cautious. Unfortunately for the great Bert tech wasn't there like it is now.

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7 minutes ago, TheRustonRifle#7 said:

I have been a Colts fan since I was in pampers....almost 50 years...I have learned patience!  My Yankees are proof of that as well!

My Cubs aren't going to Repeat but I like the Yankees chances to advance. I know I changed the subject. Yeah same here, I have been a Colts fan since 1984 had to put up with Pagel and Schlicter haha here.

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Good conversation from JMV on how FUBAR the handling of this injury situation has been , once again. Basically agreeing with many fans that feel they have been lied to all along. Also said he knows for a fact the Colts brass was "very concerned" with fan interest this year before the season even began.  He's getting ready to have Kravitz on to discuss this as well.  Also mentioned the need for a new voice in the organization such as team president, someone like Manning, because Irsay now days does more damage then good when he speaks. Such as saying that Luck would be ready to start the season. That was either a flat out lie to sell tickets, or just saying what he thought the fanbase wanted to hear. Either way it wasn't good and to my knowledge he was the only one to put any kind of timeline on it.

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One positive: it stops us from thinking about it the rest of the year.  We're gonna see what Brissett can do, I suppose.  


It's not good, though.  People are just assuming he can miss an entire year and come back at the same level.  Not so sure about that.


The other factor:  with Luck's health in question, this isn't a very desirable coaching job.  Like 6 years ago, your options will be limited.

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He was sore from throwing footballs really hard and after not doing that for awhile. Not that surprising. This is just another good example of how Ballard will take care of injured players. Set a path for them to follow. Each and every player


He said he would make sure everyone has a plan that they could be successful with. I like a man of his word, which he has been so far. 

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27 minutes ago, Malakai432 said:

Well that's not good.  I really hope this isn't a permanent injury, or something that will require more surgery.  I'm starting to feel like the injury was absolutely horrible OR the surgery was botched somehow. 

Guess we'll see

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Just now, csmopar said:

Worst part: this probably saves chuck pagano and his staff their jobs


I think they're pretty set on bringing in a new coach after this season.  I'm not sure why Ballard wouldn't want to bring in his own staff.  We'll definitely find out at the end of this season though!

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Lucks not going on IR simply because they wanna be able to do what they want with him and practices ect. Even with him on the practice field it makes this team better. 


I dont really get the hype on sending Brissett off we need a good back up and I think JB is just that could he be a starter some places probably but why not raise your own like BALLARD has spoken of. 


Maybe we gel and win some big games YES BIG MAYBE we will find out Sunday. Just think if we squeak into the playoffs and Luck is ready and back to himself? 


Theres lots of possibilities. If Luck plays he plays if not then he dont. 



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1 minute ago, csmopar said:

Worst part: this probably saves chuck pagano and his staff their jobs

Im guessing not.  Only because if we are judging him on improved performance he has gone backwards if anything.... he has had enough time to prove his worth.  This regime needs to be recycled.


Fan opinion does matter in the long run and it has been a marathon

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3 minutes ago, RockThatBlue said:

Is shoulder soreness really a surprise? He didn't throw a football for what, 7 months or so? And just recently began throwing more? I would think his shoulder being sore would be normal.


Good point, it just depends on if there is damage, ect.  Hopefully it is just soreness and precautionary. 

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    • Meanwhile, the Cardinals sign Wade LeBlanc...a veteran pitcher who was recently outrighted by the Orioles.   That's how desperate we are for pitching.  Good grief...I think we bring back Chris Carpenter, he's well rested and looks to be in great shape!
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