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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Was just listening to Dan Dakich.  He brought up the idea that I did earlier.  That this entire ankle/leg issue could be a made up thing just as a way out.   Remember, he was fine after the season ended.  Zero mention of a leg issue . Then he went to Europe, got married, and came back with a 'calf'.    Huh?   Did he stumble and hurt himself walking to the altar?   And everyone who has seen him train this year?  Says he looks fine.  No sign of an injury.  Doctors couldn't figure it out.  Why?  No injury?     Went through those drills last week, looked great, and then he says that he thought it might be his last time on the Lucas Oil stadium field.   Makes zero sense.  Other than this has been in his mind for quite a while.
    • It's not nearly as bad, or as big of deal as you are making it out to be. Even in the stories I have seen and read today it's not getting that much attention.  The Colts not going after the money they could get back is what's getting the press.    The booing won't have any effect on FAs; If anything, the absence of an elite QB will be a bigger issue when it comes to attracting FAs.        
    • Yeah...I shouldn't have said active. I meant games he has appeared in.   But if you just look at active games...he will have played in more than half...which is still pretty incredible for a guy drafted into the situation he was. 
    • I do agree with Jimmy our owner too. Andrew isn't really being selfish when you remember all the millions of dollars he leaving on the table.   If you're heart's not in the game anymore because your body keeps betraying you, I could see why turning the page to something else seems appealing to Luck. You watch his press conference & can't help but feel for the guy & what he's endured since he first got here in 2012. He raves about Mathis, Wayne, Hilton, Adam V. The guy doesn't have a malicious bone in his body man. He loves INDY & her diehard fans. The guy is genuinely broken up emotionally over this decision man. He didn't reach it lightly at all.    The funny thing about rage & anger is this: It's only a burden to those who carry it & refuse to release it & let it go over time. Fans have a right to be upset just remember that no one was hoodwinked, swindled, or lied to here. The situation was abrupt, unexpected, even awkward perhaps, but I honestly don't think this news was withheld on purpose by anybody inside the Colts organization. Life teaches us to adapt all the time. The only constant is change & our organization will handle this change with professionalism, dignity, & a sense of renewed purpose like we always do. 
    • I am pretty sure he was active for all 16 games plus two playoff games last year.
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