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Indianapolis Colts
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    • But doesn't that questionable resume and fit make him sound more like a 4th rounder?   
    • Maybe our second in the second or a third rounder.
    • Sorry this is long.  I almost just started a Jordan Love thread, because this reply is beginning to be an entire scouting report at this point, especially if you rope in my first comment on his 2018 film.  But I'm having too much fun and work is dead soo...take that "Real-World-Responsibility"!   There's some merit to what you're saying and I'm not dismissing it at all.  It's relevant, but the "still not an excuse" bit is every bit as relevant and true.  Perhaps even more so.  Against Wake Forest they had the lead almost the entire game and he threw 2 interceptions with said lead and should have thrown 3 more.  They were the type of throws where you say "what the * were you thinking?" or "how the * do you drop that?" depending on who you were rooting for.  Not saying that one game is representative of the whole, just saying it doesn't explain the entire story.  Then you have the stupid INTs where you hit the WR and all he has to do is hold the ball and fall for a first down, but instead gets hit and pops the ball straight up for an easy pick (see INT #1 @ 1:53 vs Kent State).      I do think that another thing playing into it though is that the team around him caused him to force a TON of throws into tight coverage.  His line often caused him to bail o nthe pocket - so much so that he bailed on it unnecessarily on occasion.  His WR/TEs werne't getting a ton of separation so it always seemed he was throwing into coverage.  He'll get knocked for "making a bad decision," but so many of those throws were on the money and the WR dropped it.  That stuff doesn't go into a stat sheet, but dear lord I noticed a TON of drops (just watch the bleeping Nevada game!).  Against LSU, one of the interceptions into a tight window (believe it was his second INT), that his WR needs to have some spatial awareness.  He had to have felt the defender right on him, and he did nothing to fight back to the ball and and least keep from getting intercepted.  Not the WRs fault Love threw an interception, but com'on man, help your QB out a little bit.  So yeah, his stat line is easy to pick on, and he did make enough bad throws that it needs to be addressed, but from what I could tell, he was generally making good reads and throwing to the open receiver, but his line rarely gave him space to do it, and when they did, his WRs didn't do him any favors giving him room to throw, coming back to the ball or just flat out catching it at all.     I love Love's willingness to keep the play alive and try to make every effort to get the ball into his WRs hands, but bro, learn to throw the ball away or take a sack and fight another day.   I saw a few times he was trying to keep on his feet and make a play.  In that sense, all I could think of was Andrew Luck.  Well in Love's case, he'd often end the play dying to keep up, just to make a horrible throw because his mechanics were compromised.  Would wind up intercepted or close.  One thing he made a VERY bad habit of that I didn't really see crop up in 2018 that became put on full display because of the lack of talent around him in 2019 - throwing with defenders in his face.  It's one of those thigns that CAN BE a weapon.  Very Mahomes-esque.  But he has to know when it's okay and when it's not and that will come with good coaching and time.    If you want to see what I'm talking about, I'll draw your attention to Vs. LSU @0:29 mark and Vs. Wake Forest @2:08 mark.  Two plays with very different outcomes.  I'm not even sure it was necessary in the WF throw, but had he used more sound mechanics with his feet, he might have been able to hit the corner of the endzone for a TD (or at least kept it out of the CBs reach.   There is STILL a lot he does well.  I noticed some safety manipulation in there.  When he has reasonable time (which seemed pretty rare for any pass not designed as a quick hitter) his throws were usually textbook.  His longball accuracy was generally better too.  Still in need of some work.  Some of his long throws the WR could get a hand on it, but not two.  Better overall, but could use refinement.  He's great when he's got time to throw and room to make the throw.  It's when those things are not present he gets into trouble     Yeah, this is ultimately the rub.  we've not been in a position to "bet" on a QB since Peyton Manning.  I mean Luck and RGIII, but I thought that wasn't even close.  Love needs a ton of refinement and re-calibrating.  He picked up a lot of bad habits, or made them worse from 2018-2019. That said, what QB could do well under pressure when you're under duress immediately, and constantly having to throw to guys who are covered, and are dropping your passes?  But even despite his team's not being great, I can't give him a pass because the most concerning thing to me is he hangs on to his first read too often and when he does opt for hero ball, he often will forgo relying on his mechanics and/or force throws (often, without optimal placement against said tight coverage) instead of throwing it away.  I understand he's trying to win games, but he makes these mistakes even when in the lead.  Instead of continuing to wait on your primary read, 2019 could have been an opportunity to work through 2nd and 3rd reads and improve processing times.     The physical talent is there.  The signs of NFL traits are there.  But there is a chasm the size of the ocean floor between his NFL floor and ceiling.  1 season on the sidelines will help him tremendously I think.  With the right coaching.  Could the be the Colts?  I can't say no, but I have to acknowledge the risk.  But like you said, QBs come at a premium and if you tink you can smooth out the flaws, by all means, take him in the first.     I think I am out on Tua based on health concerns in general (not just the hip), so unless Herbert shows me something, I think Love will end up being the 2nd best QB I'm willing to take.  I have already seen enough of Fromm to put him down there somewhere with Eason.  Can't say I'd be disappointed if we took him in the first, but ideally I'd like to see us move down and get some extra draft capital as opposed to taking him #13.        
    • I get so sick of hearing of people in power, with $$$ involved in various cover ups, of all sorts, protecting the guilty.   Whatever happened to human decency, and knowing the difference between right and wrong  and being held accountable?     It was defaming religion...which we can't discuss here.
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