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Hi, Colts Nation!   :)   Our Indianapolis Colts move on from their disappointing home opening loss to the Cardinals, and also host the visiting and winless Cleveland Browns at LOS, in the Browns first visit in five seasons.


Both Indianapolis and Cleveland are meeting for their 33rd  game all-time  today,  including the four previous postseason meetings where each time split two games .  A win by the Colts would tie the all-time series, including postseason games, each at 17 games apiece.


15 Colts players, including Andrew Luck's right shoulder injury, are unfortunately all listed in the pre-game injury report.


Beth Mowins and former NFL kicker Jay Feely are announcing the live TV game commentary for the NFL On CBS's early regional doubleheader game, seen mostly and limited to Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, and locally on CBS Channel 4 in  Indianapolis, live on HD.


Sunny and clear skies at 86 degrees, feels like 87 degrees is the local gamecast for the 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 0% precipitation, 41% humidity, and east/southwest winds at 7 miles per hour.


Senior NFL veteran Head Linesman Ed Hochuli wand his officiating crew will monitor the game action on the playing field during the Colts/Browns game.


NO injuries, win your first regular season game in 2017, in front of your Colts faithful, and GO COLTS!!!!!     :coltslogo:    :cheer:   :1colts:  :colts: .  :coltshelmet: .  :coltslogo: . :cheer:  :rock:



Colts Vs. Browns Week 3 Pre Game Press Release And Injury Report:






Colts Vs. Browns Week 3 Live NFL Game Centers, And NFL On CBS Early Regional Doubleheader Map In Brown:










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    • If Rivers does wind up coming back he could do this to get his future QB to sit behind Rivers for a year ,like Mahomes did, and still keep his picks and avoid paying a big new contract for Leonard down the road.  I don't think it's entirely out of the realm of possibility. 
    • I would not say that. Unitas changed the game way more than Manning. And also Montana with the West coach offense that is a part of every NFL offense now. No QB that I am aware of plays the Indy offense at all.  
    • Didn't intend to post another so soon, but I expected Castonzo back.  I see some difficult decisions to avoid re-signing good players to ensure we have enough room to re-sign Leonard and Nelson in the future.    Gonzo: Brissett (new Patriot starter), Mack, Walker, Hooker, Rhodes, Muhammed, Carrie, Clark, Green   Re-sign: Rivers, Houston, Hilton, Autry, Odum, Burton and all RFAs   Sign: William Jackson III (CB, Bengals), Bud Dupree (DE, Steelers), Mike Glennon (QB, Jaguars)   Draft:   1)      Sam Cosmi, OT, Texas.  He’ll have to grow into the LT spot through OJT, because we won’t have a better option. 2)      Joe Tryon, DE, Washington.  Brought back Houston and signed Dupree, but Tryon and Turay will represent the best chance for a dominating pass-rusher at the DE position going into the future. 3)      Dillon Radunz, OL, No. Dakota St.  We saw how tough it was to replace Castonzo this last year, and our cupboards are empty.  I like Radunz’s positional flexibility too – he could be a four-position back-up, like Haeg was. 4)      Riley Cole, LB, So. Alabama.  We’ve covered our top needs in FA and the first three rounds, so this is an attempt to ladder the LB depth a little.  Franklin, Adams, and Leonard’s contracts are up in a year, so finding some depth that’ll be around a little longer is a good idea.  Heading into the Senior Bowl, Cole’s scouting report is pretty similar to Leonard’s at that time… 5)      Greg Eisworth, S, Iowa St.  More of a strong safety type who’s great with the action in front of him.  A great leader and worker, though, and will have a good chance of developing in coverage. 6)       Sam Webb, CB, Missouri Western St. U.  A small-school crush of mine.  He has the size to be a boundary corner and was really productive in college. 7)      Paul Grattan, C, Villanova.  Smart guy who can also provide a little depth at OG.   I think Ballard would love to get a QB in the first round to sit behind Rivers and be the Plan A for 2022.  However, I really believe that guy is Kyle Trask, and it’s going to be really close whether he’s there at 21.  I’m guessing not in this mock.   Most might look at this draft and wonder where the WRs are.  Really, I think this’ll be a transitional year for us at the position.  It’ll probably be Hilton’s final year, we have to see if Pittman develops into a Keenan Allen-type #1 receiver, Campbell will get a chance to see if he can stay on the field and produce, Pascal will be there to prove his past production, and youngsters (Harris, Patmon, Dulin, and Fountain) will get a chance to step up.  To my eye, we have enough to say that the WR position won’t be holding us back next year.    At CB, we brought in Jackson, and Tell returns to be the top outside back-up.  I thought that Rodgers looked like a promising nickel back-up in the playoff loss.  And Milligan and Odum can be the top back-up safeties.   
    • We got Buckner for the 13th straight up.  No other picks involved.  Ballard loves his picks.  I don't think you can rule it out.  But I would still rather trade for Stafford though.  
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