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If Bob Sanders wasn't glass, how many Super Bowl titles do the Colts win in the Manning era?

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16 hours ago, Tsarquise said:


The objective is to imagine what it would be like if Sanders was healthy... Not sure why you noted the years he was unhealthy. 


in 2008,  2009, and 2010,  if Sanders was healthy all year, the outcomes could have been significantly different those years. 

Sanders was never healthy all year the only years he came close was 2005 and 2007. Anytime Sanders played 14 or 15 games in a season he was First Team All-pro. I'd say him healthly would equally more superbowl wins.



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On 9/23/2017 at 6:28 PM, James said:

Think about it. Peyton threw 3TDs and 7 picks in his Colts Super Bowl run, and the Colts still won, because Bob Sanders elevated that defense so much. The two healthy years Bob Sanders had, he was All Pro. He was that good. If only he could have stayed injury free. He's be up there with Reed, Polamalu and Dawkins.


I think it would have been at least 2 titles more.


Here's a very telling quote from the man himself, which is probably also the reason why multiple titles didn't happen:

"If you hit somebody hard enough, they will give up. You can feel their body go limp and they'll just surrender. So every time I hit somebody, the goal is to knock myself out. I know if I hit somebody hard enough that I can feel it, it's hurtigt them 10 times worse".


 Gee, how many more times would we play against Rex Grossman?

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Funny thread. Most of the playoff losses during that era were the fault of the offense and its inability to perform like it did in the regular season. Some like 2005 were a victim of circumstance...Dungy's son passing away screwed up that team more than they'll ever admit, had they squeaked it out they probably right the ship and cruise to a SB win. 2007 was an injury nightmare, Sanders couldn't have helped that much and he was healthy that year. 2008, ugh. 12-4 having to play 8-8 on the road. I still hate it. But again, it was on the offense mostly, a missed 3rd and 2 block resulted Peyton getting sacked and giving the ball back to SD. Realisically, 2009 maybe he makes a diffrerence in the Super Bowl. 

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On 9/23/2017 at 7:23 PM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

I could make a huge debate that Bob Sanders has been the 4th best player or 4th most impactful/important player that the Colts have ever had since moving to Indy in 1984. Only behind Peyton, Marvin, and Reggie.


I would put Freeney over Reggie (and Bob).  Bob would still be 4th.

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