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Will Marvin Lewis finally get fired, and if so, when?

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His team got beat by the Ravens 20-0 week 1. It took his team 76 minutes and 16 seconds for the Bengals to score their first points of the season. He hasn't won a playoff game since... actually, he's never won a playoff game (0-7 record), and his seven postseason losses are the most of any coach who has never won a playoff game. The last playoff game the Bengals as an organization won was back in 1990 when the Simpsons first debuted. How many chances is this guy going to get!? The Bengals must have the most patient organization and fanbase in the NFL to allow this circus act.

I know the postseason is a small sample size of data, but now that we're seeing the Bengals regular season fall apart, is this finally the season we wave goodbye to Marvin Lewis?

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