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Just now, Chrisaaron1023 said:

guy relax its pre... oh..


I thInk your misrepresent the position of most fans on this board, we aren't naive, we knew it was going to be tough with Luck out. It's called a realistic expectation.


You sir, I see, continue to be a non stop force of negativity. Congratulations for your consistency.

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Just now, VocableLoki said:

Isn't someone on staff there to literally just watch for opportunities to challenge? Did we just rush the next play too much for him to buzz and push for the challenge?


Yes we didn't give the staff enough time before we called the next play.

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    • I understand these threads, but fans need to understand that situational play calling can go either way with results that vary throughout the game.  There’s another pretty good coach on the other side getting paid to call the defense.  We have the benefit of hindsight after every play.  With coaching, you gotta look at the overall body of work.  Are the players ready to play each game, are they disciplined, and do they play hard?  Are they winning their battles more than they lose, and most importantly, are they putting more points on the board than the other team?  So far, it’s looking pretty good.
    • This team has heart and to all those doomers and ballard haters, I’ve heard Denver is looking for new fans 👀
    • I believe, and have believed from the beginning ,that this team has a ton of talent. Certainly not in the the best teams category ( yet), but certainly not vying for a too 5 draft pick in next year's draft like a few on here think. Why some on here even think and ramble on that Ballard is purposely not trying to improve the team....total nonsense.
    • His slump coincides with his change in name. We all know this, and the solution is simple.
    • - our DL is good and it's deep. Great to see. - It was great to see Juju out there and make an impact on the game. Wild that Baker played so badly last week that he got demoted from CB#1 to not playing. - Our OL are doing a lot better this year. - Moss is doing great. But he got dinged up already. A committee of Moss and Taylor would be fantastic if they can get the contract details figured out and would help keep both healthier. - Minshew played like he was expected to play. He can win you games in the NFL as long as he doesn't have to carry the team himself. But, the overall offense was pretty disappointing in terms of how little value they got out of all the turnovers the Ravens gave them. - Pierce please catch the ball.
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