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Steelers trade Sammie Coates to the Browns

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1 hour ago, Synthetic said:


And then they picked up the Browns trash and gave it a big contract (Joe Haden)


Still aren't beating the Patriots if they meet them in the playoffs. For Pittsburgh to go back to the big one, they need to absolutely avoid NE. 

They (Pit) aren't going anywhere this year... hell all AFC teams need to avoid NE ... but watch out, there is a new sheriff in town (Ballard) and in a few years ... you never know what might happen... :D


And that Haden deal btw, was stupid 

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22 hours ago, BR-549 said:



And that Haden deal btw, was stupid 


Yeah it was, but they've been doing a lot of dumb stuff lately anyway...The Antonio Brown contract was absurd, and Le'veon Bell's rap music is true comedy gold as he complains about not getting paid. 

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