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Colts Vs. Bengals Preseason Game Night Thread


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Hi, Colts fans!  :)  Our Indianapolis Colts finally won their first preseason game of the year at the Steelers last Sunday, so the Colts have a chance to finish their preseason schedule at 2-2, as the host the annual Interstate 74 preseason finale rivalry, as they host the visiting Cincinnati Bengals at LOS (the building).


Scott Tozien reportedly will start the game at QB, before the reserve and backup players, veterans and free  agents, be allowed to receive maximum playing time. Players that are on the bubble will try to audition and evaluate in front of their coaching staffs to make the cut from the current 90-man, to the final 53-man regular season roster, plus practice squad, by Saturday afternoon, 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time.


Good luck to the reserve players making the final cut to 53, and GO COLTS!!!!!    :rock::cheer::coltslogo::1colts::colts::coltslogo::cheer:

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7 hours ago, IndyScribe said:

I wonder if Hooker and Mack will play. 

Regarding Mack, I would think they would like to get some burn out of Richardson & Llorens.  I doubt they know the whole playbook, so could be a very vanilla offense we run tonight.  Is Pope still hurt?

I doubt Hooker plays more than a series.  Just my opinion.

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Thanks LOS !!  Will be interesting to see alot of the bubble guys play and what they have to contribute. Hoping for a good game and most of all, no injuries.


Does anyone know if the FOX59 station in indy streams the game online? 


GOOOO Colts !!!

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Just now, PrincetonTiger said:

This issues with the feed

Bummer.  I hope they at least give us some attention, unlike the Dallas announcers did.  Pitt did a good job.  They knew us pretty well.  With all of these new numbers I never know who's making plays, haha.

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4 minutes ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

Bummer.  I hope they at least give us some attention, unlike the Dallas announcers did.  Pitt did a good job.  They knew us pretty well.  With all of these new numbers I never know who's making plays, haha.

I turned on Lamey and Sorgi

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Just now, HOF19 said:

Love the amount of takeaways we are getting !


Just now, RollerColt said:

This defense I tell ya, we may give up yards but who cares when we recover the ball!

Yeah, if nothing else, the D is making plays this year.  Hopefully the trend continues in the regular season.

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    • LOL.. it would be nice if things went easy like that. And you'd be maxing things out, without any carry over needed for the big contracts the next year.
    • Rivers is on pace to throw less TDs because of Reich's game plans and play calling. It's no secret. After a rough start, PR's INT % is less than even his 2018 stat, which was a very very good year. His QBR and Passer Rating have both been consistently improving since early as well. His YPG and ANY/A are now 12th, and completion % is top 10. He's improved dramatically.    And that's with musical chairs at WR and TE, no preseason, covid camp, on a new team, and in a new scheme.   Houston is top 10 in the league in win rate. He's also tied with Autry in pressures, and only a few behind Buchner. Old or not, he's playing well.    Xavier, old or not, he's having another pro bowl type year. His PFF rating is at an all time high, higher than his previous PB years.   Harris and Cox are ERFA, so yes cheap. 2M isn't all that cheap for Pascal, who is really a #4-5 guy. AQM might be cheap, but that doesn't solve much. Pascal is a #4-5 guy. If he's you're #1 or #2, or even #3, you're QB is more than likely going to struggle. It's what makes Rivers even more valuable, but he's been good at tossing to everyone......   I love PC, but assuming he can stay healthy is nothing but "hopeful" right now. And hope isn't a great strategy. I love Pittman too, but I wouldn't call him proven yet either. He is likely to be proven, but that gives us one guy that's a legit #1, 2, or 3. The fact you're comparing Winston to Rivers is pretty twilight zone type of stuff.    Colts were first in to Rivers, and acted quickly. And if Ballard's approach to paying QB isn't enough, or the stats improvement isn't enough, he's also led us to big comebacks, and carried the team in our two biggest wins when the defense stunk it up in the 1st half. It's not going to be a bidding war IF Rivers continues to play like he is. Ballard will offer him, Rivers will accept.      
    • lets take the 40 million you put out there and guess rivers takes no pay cut .   okay with 40 million left autry and rhodes 14 million pascal 2 million , harris 1 million muhammad 2 million burton 2 million cox 2 million odum 2 million , stallworth 2million . that is 27 million spent and keeping the core now the colts have 13 million left to go get a veteran wide receiver and pass rusher  for 13 million  combined .    we would have the same team as this year just swap out hilton and houston for another veteran and replace carrie with rogers and tell .    plus we can draft a 1st round pass rusher and second round corner .   so we can still have autry and turray start with a 1st rounder in the mix and keep rhodes moore rock with rogers and tell and another 2nd round corner .   plus take a tight end  and some depth in the later rounds
    • We are 19-4 against the Titans. Not a wild call.
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