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Where do you go for fantasy advice paid or free

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What site do you consider to be reliable for fantasy values/cheet sheets.  I was using fantasy guru but the last few years have been pretty bad results following their advice.  

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However, a lot of times, you have to look outside the numbers and watch the games to see how a team lines up its offensive weapons, how many plays a WR is in for his big play threat to matter and if the DBs of a team do better against a WR with speed or a WR with size, if the LBs have the foot speed to keep up with TEs coming up in a schedule etc., things that just analyzing numbers won't provide. A guy like Sproles, even in a bad season, gears up to play the Colts. :) 

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I've tried fantasypros. I only play daily fantasy, so I go by weekly match ups. One can't only go by online resources, though; part of it is guess work and gut feeling. At times I've gone against professional advice and it's worked out. 

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2 hours ago, Narcosys said:

I go @Jared Cisneros and @chad72


However I can't trust Chad because he's in one of my league's lol 


If I know it's one of our leagues, I don't advise or ask for advice, typically :)


Good to see you back here again. Now, can you give me your thoughts on a couple of line ups I posted in the advice thread?

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    • Jax is also in win now mode..... Colts are not
    • I stand corrected he is 28.  My point was that he could have brougth some situational football here as far as a runner.  I do like the young running back that are here and wasn't expecting Hyde to come in here and be the man or something but to me the Colts are missing that little element that they had with Frank Gore.  Teams had to respect that the Colts just might just try to run to ball  inside the ten yard line.  
    • Seriously... Watch this. And when they focus on just the 2 boys, mute the video and read the op. Syncs up almost too perfectly     
    • Oh, on that we agree, just stating the facts, not saying I support him on it.  lol
    • OG is becoming a much more demanding, athletically speaking, position than it was in the past.  The OG of your Alan Ameche Days, most likely could not play OG in today's NFL.  The league is recognizing this, and premium OG's are beginning to be paid accordingly.  The OL is vastly improved this year by most all metrics, enjoy it, their ability to keep Luck upright, aided by the new offense or not, and open running lanes, makes the hypothetical need for Darnold, or any of your other desired high draft pick QB's, just that, hypothetical.  Enjoy the season, and the fact that you got to see some awesome Football 60 years ago, That era would have been a blast to watch live.
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